Use These Pokemon GO Cheat Sheets to See Who’s Best [Gallery]

On iOS & Android: Download these quick-reference cheat sheets to see which Pokemon are best in their field.


Pokemon GO might be facing some public troubles related to Niantic‘s decision to remove trackers, but plenty of trainers are still capturing and dueling over gyms all over the world.

Capturing gyms for your team is an important part of the team-building experience, and training at friendly gyms earns you a steady supply of in-game cash to spend at the store for even more useful items. What we’re trying to say is this — holding gyms is important, and if you want to keep a gym under your team’s flag, you’ll need the best Pokemon for the job.

Pokemon GO fans over at r/TheSilphRoad devised a handy cheat sheet to make picking your Pokemon easier than ever before. Below you’ll find images with the best Pokemon, ranked under three categories; strongest offense, best defense, and most DPS (damage-per-second) statistics. Included are the attacks you’ll want to earn when capturing Pokemon. Download the PDFs on your phone for easy reference; find all the links beneath the gallery.

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Gym Duel Rankings – Offense / Defense / DPS

These amazing cheat sheets were created by Redditor Ornery_Ra using the info found on Redditor Professor_Kukui’s Pokemon GO spreadsheets. 

[Link to Spreadsheet] works with all three PDFs linked below.


Download the complete PDFs here: Page 1 [Offense] | Page 2 [Defense] | Page 3 [DPS]

  • To download, right-click and select “Save Image As…” to re-name and save to a directory.

Remember, all Pokemon are ‘best’ only circumstantially. It’s important to know Pokemon strengths / weaknesses in relation to one another. Under certain situations, even the ‘best’ isn’t good enough. These rankings are based on the objective values, found in the Pokemon GO code leak, that reveal the base stats of Pokemon and their move sets.

Why do these charts matter? The best Pokemon, and the best moves for that Pokemon, are often different whether a Pokemon is attacking or defending a Gym. When attacking / defending, Pokemon are controlled by the AI. Having a quick ‘cheat sheet’ makes deciding on Pokemon teams for attacking or training at a gym a much easier process to plan, especially if you have a large variety of Pokemon at your disposal.

It’s always good to stay flexible and keep plenty of movesets or Pokemon ready depending on your opponents, but these sheets are still a cool way to get an easy overview of which Pokemon are objectively best without having to strain your eyes staring at a spreadsheet.

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