Fallout 4: Vault-Tec – Improve Your Face & Hairstyle With New Stations

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Customize your Sole Survivor in the comfort of Vault 88 with two new stations; the Barber and Surgery Chairs.

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The Vault-Tec Workshop adds even more settlement convenience to Fallout 4 with the Barber and Surgery Chairs. These unique workstations allow your Sole Survivor to customize their face, body or hairstyle for free. All you have to do is assign a few settlers.

This might not seem like that big of a deal, but for certain players, this is the only way to alter your face. We don’t want to spoil too much, but the face surgeon hidden in Diamond City can suddenly disappear if you complete certain quests. Without that NPC, there’s no way to change your body / face — that takes away make-up, scars, and tons of other extra options you might want to add to your custom character.

The Surgery Chair changes all that. And the Barber Chair improves settlement happiness while giving your character a quick charisma boost for taking the plunge. Neat, right? Learn all about these new additions with the complete guide below.

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Vault-Tec – Improve Your Face & Hairstyle With New Stations

Want to improve your custom character’s look? Now you can with two new Vault-Tec Workshop stations. The Barber Chair and the Surgery Chair can make altering your appearance easy.

No need to travel to Vault City for hair cuts — and if you’ve lost the ability to change your face because you completed too many quests, now you can easily unlock new facial reconstruction possibilities.

First of all, here’s how to find these new stations in the Workshop menu:

  • Resources -> Miscellaneous -> Surgery Chair
  • Resources -> Miscellaneous -> Barber Chair

The Barber chair has the added benefit of increasing happiness in your settlement, as long as a settler is assigned to work there. Also, using the chair will give you an instant Charisma boost, no matter which hair style you choose.

Here’s how to get these stations to work for you:

  1. Place the Barber / Surgery Chair.
  2. Assign a Settler to Work at the Chair. Anyone will do — the chair does all the work.
  3. Wait for the Settler to stand by the chair. When they’re ready, they’ll stand behind the chair with a clipboard ready. Make sure there’s enough room around the chair to allow the Settler into position.
  4. Talk to the assigned Settler. They will offer you their services, free-of-charge. Sit in the chair to begin customizing.

Note: Moving the chair will “break” any assignment. Reassign Settlers if you’ve moved the chair, even if it says the job is still properly assigned. 

Recently assigned Barber / Surgery Chairs don’t always work! To make sure your chairs are properly functioning, wait until daylight hours, leave and come back to the settlement, or sleep for 12 hours. Talk to the settlers stationed at the chairs, and then you should be able to customize your Sole Survivor.