Fallout 4: Vault-Tec – How to Reactivate the Vault 88 Water Pump

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Supply your Vault 88 residents with more water than they’ll ever need with the massive (and unique) Vault-Tec Water Pump.

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Vault 88, the new settlement included in Vault-Tec Workshop for Fallout 4, is full of surprises. If you’ve managed to unlock the East Sector workshop, you’re probably asking what that huge yellow machine does. That’s the unique Vault-Tec Water Pump — a massive one-of-a-kind resource you’ll only find in Vault 88. The underground settlement doesn’t have much water, and the East Sector is the only place to expand your water resources. If you want to get 100+ water for Vault 88, here’s how you do it.

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Vault-Tec – How to Reactivate the Vault 88 Water Pump

Before reactivating the Vault 88 Water Pump, you’ll need to unlock the East Sector Workshop. From the Vault 88 Hub, complete the quest “Better Living Underground” and clear the debris at the East Sector passage. The passage is located in the long tunnel near the derelict reactor.

  • Get the East Sector Control Board from the room to your right as you walk down the track from the hub. Take the Control Board and use it on the Vault-Tec Workshop at the end of the East Sector path. Watch out for the Mirelurks and the Queen!

Now that you have control and can enter Workshop Mode in the East Sector, you can begin work reactivating the Water Pump. The pump is the massive yellow mechanical structure planted in the water with pipes.


The Vault-Tec Water Pump cannot be scrapped. It requires twenty (20) Power and produces one-hundred (100) Water resources for the Vault 88 settlement.

To power the Vault-Tec Water Pump, you’ll need to build a generator and connect it to the Water Pump. 20 Power isn’t insignificant. Here are all the options for constructing power.

Power Options & Material Requirements:

Build 4 Medium Generators (20 Power Total):

  • Build With:
    • 12 Screws
    • 12 Gears
    • 28 Steel
    • 12 Rubber
    • 12 Copper
    • 4 Ceramic

Build 2 Large Generators (20 Power Total):

  • Build With:
    • 12 Gears
    • 10 Screws
    • 8 Rubber
    • 20 Copper
    • 24 Aluminum
    • 6 Nuclear Material

Build the Fusion Generator (100 Power Total):

  • (Requires Science! Rank 4 & Contraptions Workshop DLC)
  • Build With:
    • 12 Gears
    • 10 Screws
    • 20 Copper
    • 25 Aluminum
    • 12 Nuclear Material
    • 8 Crystal
    • 2 Rubber

Build the Vault-Tec Reactor (150 Power Total):

  • Build With:
    • 15 Steel
    • 15 Rubber
    • 40 Nuclear Material
    • 10 Ceramic
    • 10 Copper
    • 15 Aluminum

So what’s the best option? We’re going with the Vault-Tec Reactor. Most of the parts can be found in the Vault 88 Hub — enter Workshop Mode and scrap any of the large earth-movers or construction vehicles. Also, find the glowing green circular Vault-Tec reactor and scrap it.

The derelict Vault-Tec reactor will cover almost all the parts required, and provide 20 Nuclear Material. The rest of the Material can be found in the Uranium mine in the East Sector. Find more details here:

Connecting the Water Pump to power can be tricky. The wire connection is located very high up on the Water Pump. Build a tower or place your generator on stilts to more easily connect everything up.

Once the Water Pump is up and running, your settlement’s water resource will increase by 100 units. That should keep your settlement’s thirsty vault dwellers satiated for a long time.