Fallout 4: Vault-Tec – Huge Nuclear Material Deposit Location

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Find over 250+ nuclear material and 100+ concrete all in one hidden Vault 88 mineshaft. See where to get all the goods here.

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The Vault-Tec Workshop add-on for Fallout 4 includes new high-tech machines that require plenty of nuclear material to produce. Even the main quests require a hefty amount of uranium to build the prototypes. If you’re low on nuclear material or concrete, there’s one hidden deposit that’s absolutely filled with the stuff. From my count, there’s over 250+ nuclear material all in one single mine shaft, along with 100+ concrete from limestone.

There are other caves with uranium in Vault 88, but this one is by far the most stacked. It’s also a dangerous place to explore, so bring some powerful weapons to deal with legendary mole rats, radscorpions, and even a Sentry Bot. The competition is stiff, but you won’t need much more nuclear material after bringing in this haul. Learn where to go with the quick guide below.

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Vault-Tec – Nuclear Material Mine Location

The nuclear material mine is located down the East Sector passage from the Vault 88 hub. Clear the subway tracks of debris, then follow the path to a utility room on the right.

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The utility room in the East Sector leads to a cave. Enter the broken section of the concrete wall to access the uranium mine.

This utility room contains two-three feral ghouls and the East Sector Control Board used to repair the Vault-Tec Workshop further ahead. Past the ruined concrete wall, there’s an entrance into a dark cavern.

Enter the cavern after repairing the East Sector Vault-Tec Workshop. Enter Workshop Mode to scan the cave walls — they can be scrapped for concrete. Do it to enter the first chamber of the mine. There are huge uranium deposits on the ground and ceiling. Don’t miss the ceiling, and watch out for radscorpions.

Fallout 4_20160726140046

This huge mine is rich in uranium deposits. Clear out the creatures to get a lifetime supply.

This first chamber leads into an even larger chamber ahead. Clear the limestone to find a huge cavern that serves like a hub for the rest of the mine. From here, you can clear more limestone walls to find deeper deposits of uranium and limestone.

We were able to recover over 250+ nuclear material and 100+ concrete material from these mines. We might’ve missed some, so it’s possible there is even more material on the ceilings or walls. Either way, this is the best place in Fallout 4 to collect a treasure trove of uranium easily.

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