Fallout 4: Vault-Tec – How To Unlock Secondary Vault 88 Entrances

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: There are multiple extra entrances hidden throughout Vault 88. Learn how to unlock them all right here.

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Vault 88 might be the most expansive settlement in Fallout 4, and the underground complex included in the Vault-Tec Workshop add-on is positively full of hidden passages. Some of these passages, when revealed in the Workshop Mode, unlock new bonus entrances to Vault 88.

One extra pathway leads to a closed pharmacy — opening the door from the inside reveals a hidden door to Vault 88 that isn’t quite so far from civilization. Learn all about this cool closed-off location and how to unlock the room for fast-travel on the Commonwealth map with the quick steps (and a few screenshots) below. More entrances are always convenient for the Vault Dweller on the go.

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Vault-Tec – How To Unlock Secondary Vault 88 Entrances

To open the secret entrances, you’ll need to reactivate the Vault-Tec workshop in each area. The entrances are blocked by debris — to clear debris, enter Workshop Mode and select to [Scrap] the blockage. That clears the way to the exit doorway.

Activating the Vault-Tec workshops is part of the quest ‘Explore Vault 88’ — find all locations on our guide right here. Or browse the gallery below to find the elusive Control Board locations.


North Sector Secret Entrance:

Return to the Subway down the North Sector passage. Go to the room where the North Sector Control Board was located on a desk. Directly opposite the table, there’s a concrete passage between the tracks that’s blocked by a wooden barricade.

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Find this passage directly opposite of the Vault-Tec container and the location of the North Sector Control Board.

Enter Workshop Mode and scrap the barricade, then use the ladder up the steps. This unlocks a manhole entrance to Vault 88 right next to Milton General Hospital.

North-East Sector Secret Entrance:

Follow the North-East Sector signs back to the narrow cave path to eventually leads to a decrepit brick basement. This is the same area where you located the North-East Sector Control Board in the utility room. Climb the stairs up to the large basement, and continue up another set of stairs onto a wooden landing with tool kits on the right.

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The debris is located up the stairs from the North-East Sector Control Board utility room. Go to the basement above and take the stairs to a wooden landing. The stairs lead up into the pharmacy.

Enter the doorway here and clear the debris in Workshop Mode to open a passage into a lost pharmacy. The area is full of feral ghouls, so be prepared. Use the single unblocked doorway in the corner to exit out into the Commonwealth and unlock the secret entrance. This one is found just outside of University Point, and creates a new waypoint to University Point Pharmacy.

Those are all the bonus entrances to Vault 88 we’ve found so far. Are there others we missed? Let us know in the comments!