E3 2012: 10 Rumors That Aren’t Coming True

You’ve all read the speculation and rumors leading up to E3, so here’s a piece debunking much of them.

E3 2012: Rumors Debunked

e3 2012 rumors

E3 2012 is close at hand, and is set to take place in Los Angeles from June 5 to June 7 this year. Barring any complications—like an earthquake swallowing the entirety of Southern California—the whole event is expected to go without a hitch, and allow games developers and publishers to announce dozens of new games, hardware, and all manner of things for us to be excited about. 

With all this excitement comes the inevitable speculation leading up to E3, some of which is not only plausible, but entirely possible, and others of which—like the ones I've written about in this article—that remain in the mythical realm where the unicorns dwell and Justin Bieber doesn't have a multi-million dollar recording contract. 

Like the James Randi of game journalism, I'm here to debunk ten pieces of speculation. Read on!