Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi – How to Get the Upgraded Dragon Strike

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Become the true Mother of Dragons with the upgraded Dragon Strike Controller. Unlocking it won’t be easy. Get all the steps here.


If you don’t already know, the Dragon Strike Controller is one of those cool special weapons available in Gorod  Krovi, a Zombies survival map included in the Descent DLC for Black Ops 3. This special tool of destruction plants a glowing rune on the ground that lures any zombies in. After a few seconds have passed, one of those dragons buzzing overhead blasts the zone with a deadly fireball, wiping out anything in the circle.

Now you can upgrade the controller to create an even-more ultimate weapon. Getting the basic Dragon Strike 1.0 is pretty straightforward for Zombies veterans, but unlocking the Dragonite Controller is as convoluted as any Easter egg. Learn what it takes to get your hands on the Controller 2.0 with the guide below.

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How to Get an Upgraded Dragon Strike

The upgraded Dragon Strike, called the Dragonite Controller, provides double the fun — each use gives you two Dragon Strike blasts. That’s two balls of flame for the price of one.

This can be done SOLO, but obviously it’s just a little easier with cooperative friends to help. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get it:

Step #1: Get Dragon Strike 1.0

If you don’t know how to get the Dragon Strike Controller, these are the basic steps you’ll need to follow.

  1. Turn on the Power in Dragon Command
  2. Collect the Code Cylinders dropped from Zombies in certain areas. There are three:
    • Dragon Command
    • Supply Depot
    • Tank Factory
  3. Insert the Code Cylinders into the corresponding Groph Module terminals.
  4. Look in the sky for a green waypoint light. Follow it and defend the Groph Module.
  5. Collect the Dragon Network pieces from all three defended Groph Modules.
  6. Insert the pieces into the Dragon Network Console near the workbench in the Operations Bunker.
  7. Activate the console near the ‘U’-shaped catwalks in Dragon Command to summon a dragon.
  8. Ride the dragon to the Hatchery (Pack-a-Punch Bunker) and jump down through the roof.
  9. Activate the crystal device in the upper-floor office.
  10. Defeat the Lockdown Event to get the Dragon Strike Controller.

Those are the basic instructions. If you’re like to know more about reaching the Hatchery, check out the guide below for way more detail.

Step #2: Kill Lots of Zombies

The next step is easy. Use the Dragon Strike 1.0 to kill 50+ zombies.

Once you get enough kills, a dragon will roar in the background. The noise is so great that your character will comment on it, saying a line about the perturbed dragon.

This step is fairly easy. If you can stay alive, you should have no problem getting 50+ kills. The Dragon Strike lures nearby zombies into the area-of-effect, so just keep using it in every situation and this step will be complete in a handful of rounds.

Step #3: Burn the Flags

This is the tricky step. There are 4 flags found throughout the map — black and red Iron Cross flags like those seen hanging in the Dragon Command area. These are very well hidden and should stick-out slightly from the background because they don’t really belong.

The goal here is to find all the flags and burn them with the Dragon Strike. All the flags are located outside the map.

  • Depending on the number of players currently in a session, an identical amount of flags will spawn. 4 players will spawn 4 flags, while 1 player will only spawn 1 flag.

If you’re solo, you only need to burn one flag. But — that flag can still spawn at any of the four locations. Check all four spots to find it.

  • Spawn Area: Go to the Quick Revive perk station and turn left. Look outside the map — there’s a large water piper spewing water. Straight ahead of that water pipe, you can just barely spot an Iron Cross flag in a window in one of the buildings beyond the sputtering water leak.
  • Dragon Command: Go to the catwalk where the Dragon is summoned and look toward the far background wall where three Iron Cross flags are hanging. Look to the first flag in the sequence (left-most) and then scan the rubble on the ground between the first and second hanging flag. A small corner of another Iron Cross flag is visible poking out through the wreckage.
  • Tank Factory: At the catwalk where the Dragon is summoned, go to the right side and look down / near the right wall. There is a flag that might spawn here near the ground that doesn’t look fitting. Look for bright red clothe to spot it in the rubble.
  • Supply Depot: Once again, go to the catwalk where the Dragon can be summoned. Go to the right catwalk and look left. This one is far beyond the map boundaries, past the wrecked building that’s on the left — look further out into the fog, near the wrecked greenhouse-looking structure.

When all flags have been burned, depending on how many players there are, an Easter egg noise will sound out. That’s your cue that this step is complete.

Step #4: Initiate the Lockdown

With that madness complete, return to the Hatchery / Pack-a-Punch Bunker. Use the console on the upper floor that gave you the Dragon Strike Controller in the first place — using it again will initiate another Lockdown Event.

During the Lockdown Event, use your Dragon Strike as often as possible. Try to use it once per wave. This is important. Unleashing fireballs makes the battle easier and turns the tiny lights on the Dragon Strike Controller console green.

See the red lights on the Dragon Strike console? You want all four to turn green. Simply completing Lockdown Events won’t turn those lights green. You’ll have to use Dragon Strikes during the event.

If all four lights aren’t green yet, continue to complete Lockdowns and use Dragon Strikes until you’re all green to go. Then when you return to the console, a new weapon will be available. The all-powerful Dragonite Controller is unlocked and free to take.

That’s a lot of effort for an upgrade. Savor the extra power by blowing away even more Zombies.

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