Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi – Crush Bosses With Secret Helmet Buffs

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Wear super-secret masks for powerful bonuses against bosses in Gorod Krovi. Learn how to spawn them and where to get them here.


Want an edge over those armored, laser-shooting zombie soldiers in Gorod Krovi? Now you can protect yourself and dish out more damage with two additional unlockable helmets exclusive to the Descent DLC Zombies map for Black Ops 3.

In later rounds of Gorod Krovi, zombies aren’t your only adversary. Electricity-spewing robots nimbly hover over the battlefield, and if that wasn’t bad enough, undead Terminators armed with laser-cannons cause plenty of problems when they join their zombie pals. Dealing with these boss-like enemies can be tough, especially if you’re solo, and they become more common as the round counter clicks upward. The Valkyrie mask is especially useful, providing additional electricity defense along with the damage buff to the drones. All you’ve got to do to get a mask is kill lots (and lots) of Manglers or Valkyries.

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Crush Bosses With Secret Helmet Buffs

There are two bonus helmets you can equip in Gorod Krovi that make mini-boss enemy types much easier to deal with. The Russian Mangler mask and the Valkyrie Drone mask both offer damage reduction and damage increase bonuses, but you can only have one mask equipped at a time.

Russian Mangler Soldier Mask

  • +30% damage to Russian Mangler Soldier
  • 50% damage reduction from Russian Mangler Soldier

To get the Russian Mangler Soldier mask, kill Russian Mangler Soldiers (5-20 in total) until you hear a jingle indicating that the challenge is complete.

Next, go to the 2nd Floor of the Department Store and turn left from the 1st Floor stairs. There’s a mannequin wearing a black suit in the corner near a zombie spawning window. The mask will appear on this mannequin — hold the [Interact] button to equip the mask and gain the buffs.


Valkyrie Drone Mask

  • +30% damage to Valkyrie Drones
  • 50% damage reduction from Valkyrie Drones
  • 50% electrical damage reduction

For this mask, you’ll need to destroy Valkyrie Drones (5-10 in total) until you get a jingle. Valkyrie Drones are the large robot flying enemies that use electricity attacks.

To get the helmet, go to the Juggernug Perk dispenser location on the second floor of the Department Store. This is the small office draped with the Nazi flag. There’s a mannequin in a plain shirt. That’s where the mask spawns — hold the [Interact] button to equip this mask.

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