Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi – Secret ‘Dead Ended’ Song Easter Egg

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Check out the new Easter egg song ‘Dead Ended’ for Gorod Krovi, then get all three Vodka Bottle locations to unlock it for yourself.


Secret songs are back in Black Ops 3. Gorod Krovi features Clark S. Nova’s ‘Dead Ended’ and three hidden Vodka bottles you’ll need to interact with to hear it. Previous Zombies maps included teddy bears and other random sundries to unlock songs, but with the WW2 Stalingrad setting, we should’ve known there would be plenty of Russian alcohol laying around to activate secrets. Learn all three Vodka Bottle locations, and listen to the embedded song itself in the guide below.

Vocals by Clark S. Nova has appeared in several of the Call of Duty Zombies maps. He contributed ‘Carrion’ to TranZit, ‘We All Fall Down’ to Die Rise, and ‘Archangel’ to Origins. Now he can add a new original composition to his tracklist with ‘Dead Ended’ — isn’t it better when the music isn’t licensed? New songs make the Easter egg just a little bit more special.

There’s plenty more to discover in DLC3; see how to turn on the power, ride a dragon, and reach the Pack-A-Punch with our complete Gorod Krovi guide.

Secret Song Easter Egg Guide

There are two ways to hear the new Easter egg song ‘Dead Ended’ by Clark S. Nova. You can interact with three hidden (and unmarked) Vodka Bottles on the Gorod Krovi map, or you can just check out the complete song in the embedded video below. Your choice.

Here’s where to find those three hidden bottles.

Vodka Bottles Locations

NOTE: To activate a Vodka Bottle, look at it and hold the [Reload / Interact] button. No prompt will appear, you’ll have to listen for a special sound effect. There is no on-screen indication that you can interact with these bottles.


  • Bottle Location #1: From the spawn room, open the door to the first floor department store. Look on the couch directly ahead of the 500 point door. There’s a wooden chair on top, sandbags on one side, and a Vodka Bottle to interact with.
  • Bottle Location #2: Go up to the second floor and unlock the 750 point door that opens the path leading to the Operations Bunker. Go down the steps and look at the crashed truck in the crater leading into the basement with the Network equipment. The bottle is located around the wooden crates that have tumbled out the back.
  • Bottle Location #3: Work your way to the Supply Depot and enter the first floor office. In the very first room past the locked 1500 point door, near the doorjam leading out into the main lobby of the building, there are shelves filled with stuff. The green Vodka bottle is located jst below eye-level and is prominently displayed.

Successfully interact with all three bottles to unlock the secret song for Gorod Krovi. If you’re impatient, you can also check it out here.

‘Dead Ended’ by Clark S. Nova — Full Song Audio, Posted By [Perfect Nightmare]

Easter egg songs are a long-running tradition of Zombies, with a huge total of 33 songs attributed to just these Easter eggs. Considering almost all of Zombies, and the songs by extension, are DLC add-ons, that shows a surprising effort from the developers to keep this semi-revered tradition going. Most casual players will never get to hear some of these (original) songs, but Zombies never really catered to the casual player.

What do you think of ‘Dead Ended’? Did you manage to unlock this song? Let us know in the comments!

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