Kirby: Planet Robobot – Secret HAL Rooms | Easter Eggs Guide

Only on 3DS: Find all the ultra-secret HAL Lab rooms in Kirby: Planet Robobot with these Easter egg locations.


There are three hidden developer rooms in Kirby: Planet Robobot, and we’ve got all the locations. They’re pretty tricky to find — we’d even say, without instructions, at least one of them is practically impossible — so instead of searching every nook-and-cranny of the pink puffball’s robot-inspired 3DS adventure, just browse through the tips located below.

These rooms contain plenty of good stuff to collect, including star points, healing food items, extra 1UPs and bonus stickers to add to your collection. If you’re aiming for 100%, these are totally optional rooms. Basically, these secrets are for super-fans only, but every Kirby-maniac knows that HAL rooms are a staple of the series. We can’t live without finding these things, and a developer like HAL deserves a victory lap.

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Secret HAL Rooms | Easter Eggs Guide

HAL Rooms are super-secret Easter eggs hidden in only a handful of stages throughout Kirby: Planet Robobot. They’re practically impossible to find without some extra help. If you’re worried about earning 100% for that secret ending cutscene, don’t! These secret rooms aren’t really related to completion — they don’t have any Code Cubes or Rare Stickers inside, just the word HAL in huge letter along with 1Ups and other goodies.

So what is HAL? HAL Laboratory is the developer that created Kirby. They’re a storied team and even developed Earthbound all those years ago. They’re still going strong, so we approve of all the Easter egg grandstanding going on in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

HAL Room Locations

  • Area 1 – Stage 3:
    • HAL Room: Continue until you reach the conductor’s room in the train. Hit the Bomb Block to reveal a Star — don’t ride it! Instead, backtrack through the train to the Teleporter Station and ride the 3D Star into the background. Now run right (forward!) through the train. Keep going, smack the conductor, and hop into his seat to enter the new Star Door to reach the very first secret HAL Room… after you squeeze through a few more train pipes.
  • Area 6 – Stage 1:
    • HAL Room: Following the Security Force mid-boss, you’ll ride a 3D Star into the background and run past three ceiling switches (with a chest in the center) to find an exit Star Door. Ignore it and fly into the tiny path in the upper-right corner. This leads to a hidden area with a 1Up. On the right painting, there’s a rip in the upper-right corner — press UP while floating over the rip to enter another, even more secret HAL room.
  • Area 6 – Stage 4:
    • HAL Room: At the end of the stage, you’ll need to jump on the platform with the last Star Door to avoid the geometry popping-in from the background. Now it’s time to play the waiting game. After about one minute and thirty seconds, a 3D Star and a new Star Door will appear. Enter that door to reach the final HAL Room!

That’s all three HAL Rooms. Don’t forget to break the blocks that spell HAL!