Battlefield 1 Soldier Customization | 2016

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Explore the customization options in Battlefield 1 — what’s been confirmed, and what we expect to see.


Soldier Customization is an inevitability in Battlefield 1. The big question is; how much control will we get by the time this massive World War 1 online-FPS releases this Fall. We don’t have an official answer yet, but by examining the series’ past, we can make a pretty good guess concerning the franchise’s old-school future.

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About Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Soldier Customizaton

[UPDATED 7/4: Added new CONFIRMED camo options, dog tags & face skins.]

Customization returns to Battlefield 1. Below we’ll cover everything we know, and everything we can speculate on. Be warned, this is 50% speculation, rumors, and educated guesses. As more information is released into the wild, we’ll update this page to properly reflect the reality of Battlefield 1. Until then, let the dreaming begin.

All changes to character appearance, palettes or other cosmetic customization will offer no benefits to the player.

Soldier Customization:

  • Confirmed?: YES

Battlefield 1 features a range of camo skins and face options for your multiplayer soldier. Revealed in a pre-Alpha leak on 7/04, you will be able to customize your cosmetic appearance. Here are the known file names for the different camo options:

  • checker01
  • desert_03
  • Flecktarn_01
  • hStripe01
  • Interwar_01
  • Lozenge_01
  • M1917_01
  • Solid_01
  • Spray_01
  • Starbust_01
  • Tigerstripe_01
  • U_NoCamo
  • Victory_01
  • vStripe01
  • Woodland_01
  • Woodland_02
  • Woodland_NoStipes
  • Zebra_02
  • Face options will also appear. The female soldier option rumored to appear might be dead in the water if these face names are anything to go by.
  • Akor
  • Darek
  • David
  • Ibrahim
  • Jensk
  • Karlt
  • Lamin
  • Pa
  • Prav
  • Thomas
  • Viktor

Source: [Lobix300 on Reddit]

  • Previous Entries: Battlefield: Vietnam, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield: Hardline

Soldier Customization encompasses full outfit changes, skins, and accessories that alter your player’s in-game model to reflect your particular style. From entries as early as Battlefield: Vietnam, players have been given a chance to alter their head sculpt, uniform, and other completely cosmetic options.

The latest entries only allow some minor customization (camouflage and palettes, detailed below) but outfits were given another go-round in Battlefield: Hardline with the Agent Outfits. You can also choose between two character models per faction.

Will soldier customization return in Battlefield 1? We don’t know. We do know that outfits / skins provide a strong DLC incentive. Choosing head / armor also came included with DICE’s Battlefront, so we imagine something similar could return in Battlefield 1.

Weapon Customizaton:

  • Confirmed?: YES
  • Previous Entries: Battlefield 3, Battlefield: Hardline, Battlefield 4

Battlefield 1 allows you to add parts to your guns — hand-made scopes, bayonets, or other battlefield-crafted components will appear in-game and offer more flexibility for each weapon. All customization options are said to be historically accurate, all based off ways real-world soldiers from the period altered their weaponry for combat.

Weapon / Vehicle Paint & Palettes:

  • Confirmed?: NO
  • Previous Entries: Battlefield 3, Battlefield: Hardline, Battlefield 4

Thanks to DLC and unlockables, players can convert their weapons to match their personality — adding pink, orange, neon green, or any number of palettes and camouflage to weapons and vehicles. Usually this also include skins and soldier uniforms in the mix, allowing you to stand-out from the crowd with bright colors or weird patterns.

We haven’t seen anything quite like the slew of colorful options available in the recent Battlefields, but a premium combat pack could change all that. Origin ain’t going away anytime soon.

Dog Tags:

  • Confirmed?: YES

Dogs Tags are back in Battlefield 1. Here are some of the dog tags for fulfilling certain requirements, translated from the French Pre-Alpha. Be warned, this is a pretty poor translation, but hopefully it makes enough sense to give you an idea of what’s in store for the full release.

  • Awarded to players whom completed “The Road to Battlefield 1” missions in Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline.
  • Awarded to players who own a previous Battlefield game. Welcome back !
  • Awarded to players who attended any of the Battlefield 1 real life events.
  • Awarded to players who online events.
  • Awarded to the first players on Battlefield 1 with Origin Access and EA Access Play First trials.
  • Awarded to players who joined the Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha.
  • Awarded to players who joined the Battlefield 1 Open Beta.
  • Awarded for completing Companion Operations.
  • Awarded for playing Companion Operations during the week leading up to launch Battlefield 1.
  • Awarded to players who make the best choices with AMD Radeon
  • Awarded to players who accepted the challenge, purchased the Epic Box and want to be part of Battlefield. Join in, you are a strong warrior !

Bad translation aside, we’re sure there will be more dog tags released for players post-release that won’t require buying the ‘Epic Box’ or using an AMD Radeon graphics card.


  • Previous Entries: Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield: Hardline, Battlefield 4

This entry, along with Emblems, are account-specific customization. Dog Tags are like achievements or trophies, rewards given, and can be equipped on your account with a special title / image to show off a challenge you’ve completed. The tags appear when you’ve been killed to other plays, and usually can be customized in a variety of ways, altering different layers — these can be unlocked by hitting class or weapon milestones.

Because these are tied to Origin and the online-social aspect of Battlefield, we’re almost positive these will return in some form. Ditto for the next entry.


  • Confirmed?: NO (BUT VERY LIKELY)
  • Previous Entries: Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4

Emblems are a way to personalize your Platoon (Clans) in Battlelog, and will appear on uniforms and vehicles for your shared clan. Battlelog provides a feature that allows players to create a unique emblem out of shapes, or by uploading an image.

This is another social feature, and we’re sure it will return for Battlefield 1. Wait for us to bite our collective tongues and take everything back by Fall.