Kirby: Planet Robobot – Code Cubes Locations Guide

Only on 3DS: Don’t miss out on amazing secret levels. Follow these tips to get every collectible Code Cube hidden in Kirby: Planet Robobot.


The mechanical menace has landed, and our pink puff hero must don his own armored battle suit to save Popstar yet again in Kirby: Planet Robobot for 3DS. Kirby’s mega-mecha can transform just like he can, adding a whole bunch of new Copy Abilities to the Kirby formula. That’s a huge change, but one thing that’s staying the same are the collectibles. Like the Sun Stones from Kirby: Triple Deluxe, this game features Code Cubes.

Grabbing Code Cubes in each level unlocks the boss door for the area, and discovering 100% in a zone earns you a bonus EX level to experience. Basically, you won’t want to miss out on the Code Cubes. Below we’ll provide tips and offer help to make grabbing every single Code Cube a cinch-and-a-half. Keep scrolling for all the digital details.

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Code Cubes Locations Guide

Code Cubes are located in every level of Kirby: Planet Robobot. A certain amount are required to unlock the boss door in each zone. Finding all the Code Cubes in an area unlocks that world’s EX secret level. Find them all to earn the best ending!

[LATEST UPDATE: June 14th – Added Code Cubes for Area 3, Area 4, Area 5 & Area 6.]

Area 1: Patched Plains

  • Stage 1:
    • Code Cube #1: The first stage only features one Code Cube. It can’t be missed — but just incase — Kirby will find it after he escapes from the rampaging tree-robot.
  • Stage 2:
    • Code Cube #1: Defeat the Invader Armor and gain the Robobot Armor. Eventually, you’ll reach a 3D Star that drops you into the background — a hanging diagonal pipe. Halfway down the pipe you’ll find this cube.
    • Code Cube #2: In the section with background cannons mounted on wooden poles, watch the background for one wooden pole with a treasure chest on top. Do not let your Robobot Armor destoy this plank and drop the chest into oblivion! Leave the plank alone, ride the 3D star, and open the treasure for the second cube.
    • Code Cube #3: Reach the area with the bridges Kirby can rotate. At the second bridge, rotate the steps and cut the huge metal chain to drop the metal platform onto the gold blocks. Exit the Robobot Armor, grab the Sword Copy Ability, cut the rope and break the bomb block, then enter the Robobot Door. In the bonus room, make sure to cute the RIGHT chain only!
  • Stage 3:
    • Code Cube #1: In the first train car, grab both batteries — one to charge the saw, and the second to charge the teleporter. The activated teleporter will place the Code Cube right in your foreground path.
    • Code Cube #2: Right after the first Cube, look for rock blocks. Smash a rock block on the floor covering a pipe before exiting through the star door. This pipe leads to a secondary star door — enter that one, grab the battery, and use the battery on a teleporter to reveal a new star door with your Cube.
    • Code Cube #3: In the next train car, you’ll find a Robobot Armor. Use it to move the large metallic block covering the teleporter entrance, then continue to the Robobot Armor pad to exit the suit. Grab the battery and take it back to the teleporter to get the third cube.
  • Stage 4:
    • Code Cube #1: In the second laboratory room, follow the arrows in this order: up, down, up. That’ll lead you to a chest containing the first cube for this stage.
    • Code Cube #2: Reaching an area with all climb-able mesh, you’ll reach a door. Grab the Invincibility Candy to the left of the Star Door and run beneath the platform on the spikes while you can’t be hurt to get this quick cube.
    • Code Cube #3: Acquire the Robobot Armor and get the Spark Mode ability from the enemy nearby. Use the large Metal Block to connect up the broken wire — use Spark on the Electricity Plug and use the Metal Block to connect both sections of broken wire. That way the door will open to the third cube. Be quick — double-tap forward to dash in the Robobot Armor while carrying a Metal Block.
  • Stage 6 EX:
    • Code Cube #1: You can’t miss this one. It’s found after defeating the mini-boss, before entering the pipe to the exit. Just break the blocks above to get your treasure and plenty of snacks to refill Kirby’s health.

Area 2: Resolution Road

  • Stage 1:
    • Code Cube #1: Find this Code Cube on the first road. Right before the exit, look above a Star Block to find a 3D Star that takes Kirby into the background. Slightly left of where you land, the Code Cube is floating slightly obscured by buildings.
    • Code Cube #2: In the third room, hit all three Star Switches to destroy the metal blocks in the background and drop the treasure chest. The Code Cube is inside the treasure chest.
    • Code Cube #3: Past the Telepathos mid-boss, swallow it (or the robe-wearing enemy) to gain the ESP Copy Ability. Get the Battery and take it to the Teleporter to enter a Bonus Room. Stand on the opening door and hold the attack button to summon ESP power. Move the power to flip the Star Switch and you’ll be able to get this cube easy.
  • Stage 2:
    • Code Cube #1: Can’t miss this one! While flying the Jet Mode Robobot Armor, find this one at the intersection with the bus.
    • Code Cube #2: In the second section, you’ll fly through the rooftops and hit 3D Stars to switch plains. At one 3D Star, past a background bomber, rush ahead and grab the 3D Star and move down to snatch the Code Cube before it scrolls off the screen.
    • Code Cube #3: Shoot through the two sets of Bomb Blocks and Metal Block walls, and you’ll find this cube before the end of the stage. You can’t miss it.
  • Stage 3:
    • Code Cube #1: In the maze, follow these signs to the exit door; heart, spade, and diamond.
    • Code Cube #2: Once you gain the Robobot Armor, grab a rock monster to get Stone Mode. Eventually you’ll reach some blocks you can push. Jump up to the top of the vertical path and you’ll see a Star Switch and a Code Cube blocked by a door. Smash the Metal Blocks to the right, push the vehicle onto the Star Switch, and the Code Cube is all your’s.
    • Code Cube #3: In the room filled with holographic spheres and spinning electrified circles, float near the top and move right until you spot the Code Cube in a small Metal Block cage. Pull the switch on the bottom of the platform to get it.
  • Stage 4:
    • Code Cube #1: In the casino, Kirby will find a remote control. With it, you’ll control a Kirby-bot in the background. Keep it alive through this section to hit a Star Switch at the end, revealing this Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #2: On the giant roulette wheel, just wait until the third set of items appears and grab the Code Cube instead of the 1-Up. You’ve got limited time, so grab it quick!
    • Code Cube #3: Defeat the mid-boss and continue into the billiard table with any Robobot Armor Copy Ability. Hit the giant balls as they roll into the foreground to bounce them back and send the treasure chest to you. Open the treasure (even in Robobot Armor!) to collect this cube.
  • Stage 6 EX:
    • Code Cube #1: After gaining the Robobot Armor, keep it in the room with the vehicles you need to push. Knock all three vehicles into place to reach the upper Robobot Armor-only garage door. Continue on to break the Metal Blocks and enter the bonus room — push the trailer on the left onto the Gold Block first, then push it left. Now push the right trailer down, and punch it left to gain access to the Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #2: Defeat the mid-boss and ride the cannons to the final room. Hit the Star Switch and you’ll find this cube in the Treasure Chest to the left of the exit door.

Area 3: Overload Ocean

  • Stage 1:
    • Code Cube #1: After the first boss, grab a Stone Copy Ability and ride down the diagonal slopes until you reach a branching path. Float up to the secondary path on the right, slide down, and hit the Star Block with Stone or another Copy Ability that hits down. The Metal Blocks will break and reveal the cube.
    • Code Cube #2: Into the next room, grab the Robobot Armor by breaking the Bomb Block on the left, then continue to the exit door. Climb down the ladder beneath the Star Door and place the cannon on the left pad. Light the fuse with Fire Mode and jump into the cannon to fly into the cube.
    • Code Cube #3: Continue with the Robobot Armor past the giant octopus enemies until you reach a large Metal Block and a small Metal Block. Break them both and dock the Robobot Armor, then drop regular-Kirby into the water below. Swim through the pipe on the left to reach the third cube.
  • Stage 2:
    • Code Cube #1: Driving down the main path in Robobot’s Wheel Mode, watch for the Code Cube in the background when you reach a load of shipping containers. Jump and press Up to switch to the background and grab this cube.
    • Code Cube #2: Continuing on, you’ll reach a room with two exits. One of the exits is blocked by a metal door. Return to the Star Switch earlier in this area. After activating it, quickly reach the metal door before it closes again. In the bonus room, dash forward and make every jump to get the second Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #3: Near the end of the stage, you’ll reach a pier with raised platforms. Take the upper path, switching from foreground to background and back and jump at the end of the ramp to get the third cube.
  • Stage 3:
    • Code Cube #1: At the maze, follow these instructions; use the first 3D Star, skip the second, use the third 3D star. Through the Star Door exit, you’ll get this cube by opening the Treasure Chest.
    • Code Cube #2: Once you gain Robobot Armor, continue to the exit door. You’ll see a Treasure Chest in the foreground you can’t reach. Turn the screw twice to move the platform into the foreground, then turn it counter to move it back to Kirby’s plane.
    • Code Cube #3: In the following auto-scrolling section, you’ll need to get through a wall of blocks. Riding a 3D Star into the background, make sure to hit both Star Switches before returning to the foreground. That way you’ll open a second alcove with the last cube inside.
  • Stage 4:
    • Code Cube #1: Rush through the room with the Invincibility Candy and grab this Code Cube beneath the exit Star Door. If you hurry, the Invincibility Power-Up can last all the way to this point.
    • Code Cube #2: In the diagonal-shaped passages, grab an Ice Copy Ability and use it on the Fire Blocks to open a Bonus Room. Create a path, and a place to jump with the Battery, to reactivate the Teleporter and gain one Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #3: In the room with the hot stove tops, you’ll need to get the third Snowman head frame to the body. To do this, you’ll need the Ice Mode Copy Ability for the Robobot Armor. Shoot the head frame with ice to freeze it, then carry it over the hot section. Between sections, put the frame down and re-freeze it. That’s the only way to get the Snowman head safely to the rest of him.
  • Stage 5:
    • Code Cube #1: Don’t miss this secret Bonus Room. Before reaching the second Star Door, look left — one of the foreground pillars is missing a section, revealing a hidden door. Go inside and swim right to get the Battery and activate the Teleporter.
    • Code Cube #2: After the mid-boss, look in the lower-right corner of the large chamber where you’re stuck in the background with robo-sharks. Bring a Hammer Copy Ability — break the small Rock Block then hit the hammer spot to open the path to the Code Cube in the foreground. Continue normal progression to reach the foreground, where you’ll now be able to enter the Code Cube alcove.
    • Code Cube #3: In the last room, quickly swim through the pipes to catch the falling Battery. If you make it, take the Battery to the Teleporter to gain the third Code Cube.
  • Stage 7 EX:
    • Code Cube #1: Safely bring the battery to the Teleporter and enter the Bonus Room with the ESP Copy Abilitiy. Inside, only shock the bottom electricity receiver to get the Treasure Chest. Shock both and the chest will drop into the ocean abyss.
    • Code Cube #2: With the Robobot Armor, grab the Ice Copy Ability. Turn both screws to drop a large Block (with red/blue wires) and activate the water spouts. Freeze all four water spouts and move the Block up to the upper-left where it can connect a broken power cord. Take the Spark Copy Ability and activate the plug to open the path to this collectible item.
    • Code Cube #3: Defeat the mid-boss and hit the Star Switch before the exit door to gain a Treasure Chest containing one Code Cube.

Area 4: Gigabyte Grounds

  • Stage 1:
    • Code Cube #1: Collect this cube after gaining the Robobot Armor. Move left and cut down all the logs (except the two over the bottomless pit near the start of the room) and exit the armor. Use the pipe and grab the Battery, taking it all the way right again to power a cutter that opens the path to a Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #2: In the room with the sandy slopes, ride down the background and look for a Bonus Room door to the right of the 3D Star. Inside, enter the pipe, bust the Bomb Block, and let the rolling cylinder smash open the gate.
    • Code Cube #3: At the last room, when you enter the background plane with a 3D Star, take the ladder down to find a path to a Robobot Armor. Use it to punch the rolling cylinder in the foreground and smash the background Gold Blocks. Exit the Armor and get your Code Cube before leaving the stage.
  • Stage 2:
    • Code Cube #1: In the vertical room with wire mesh, climb up until you see the Code Cube between two sandy platforms. Enter from the left to grab this easy one.
    • Code Cube #2: Gain the Poison Copy Ability and explore the dunes after the mid-boss. You’ll reach vertical-pointing fans and a tiny narrow path that leads to a seemingly untouchable Bomb Block. Blow a cloud of poison gas (Hold [B]) and the wind turbine will push it into the Bomb Block. In the Bonus Room, only blow poison clouds left — open the treasure to get a cube.
    • Code Cube #3: After getting the second Cube, stay in the Bonus Room. Climb the mesh in the upper right and grab the Robobot Armor. In the final room of the stage, you’ll see lots of poison smog clouds to the left of the exit. Use the Robobot Armor with Parasol Mode to clear the smog and collect the treasure.
  • Stage 3:
    • Code Cube #1: In the room with the energy pole Kirby carries, break the Star Blocks and drop all three Batteries onto the conveyor. The second Star Block is tricky — do a running jump to reach it while holding the energy pole.
    • Code Cube #2: Grab the mid-boss’ Spark Copy Ability and charge the battery by zapping the conduit. Drop the Battery onto the conveyor, then clear the way. The Cube will Teleport to the foreground.
    • Code Cube #3: In the last section, you’ll have to  deal with batteries on conveyors. Once the background battery falls into place, clear the way for it by breaking Bomb Blocks and rushing ahead with a foreground Battery to activate the saw and destroy the wood planks blocking the background Battery’s path. In the Bonus Room, climb down and wait on the platform above the bottom step until the Treasure Chest passes. Press [Up] just as it passes.
  • Stage 4:
    • Code Cube #1: After using a 3D Star to swap to the background, destroy the three laser bots surrounding the Code Cube to collect it safely.
    • Code Cube #2: In the maze, follow this path; from the center, take the lower path. Returning to the center, take the upper path. At the third choice, go forward — don’t go up or down.
    • Code Cube #3: After the maze, you’ll reach a path with closed Metal Doors and Star Switches. After getting through a Metal Door requiring you to shoot two Star Switches, you’ll pass holographic spheres and a wall of blocks below. Use a Charge Attack to shoot backwards and hit the Bomb Block.
  • Stage 5:
    • Code Cube #1: Defeat the Mid-Boss and gain the Kirby-bot remote. Keep the Kirby-bot alive and hit the Bomb Block at the end of the path to gain access to a Bonus Room Star Door. To solve the Bonus Room, use ESP and hit the Bomb Block, then time hitting the Star Switch to catch the Battery between the two closing doors. Get the Robobot Armor, use the screw to take the lift down, and then grab the Bomb Mode. Solve the Bomb puzzles on this lower path and you’ll reach a Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #2: Continuing on, grab Cutter Mode to cut the giant metal chain. Down below, you’ll find a pendulum hanging over a 1Up. Don’t cut it yet. Turn the screw then return to the background and cut the chain to enter a Bonus Room. Crank the screw until the upper red section is targeted. Cut the chain and grab your collectible cube.
    • Code Cube #3: In the final room, cut all the planks as you travel downwards to drop the large Metal Block. At the exit, go left and collect the Bomb Mode Copy Ability, then pick up the Metal Block and place it over the permeable platform on the left. Now launch Bombs to hit the Star Switch and grab one last cube for Stage 5.
  • Stage 7 EX:
    • Code Cube #1: Past the poison fog, you’ll reach a sandy area with rolling spiked cylinder. Get the Robobot Armor at the top, and smash the wooden planks to drop the background chests. Continue down the line, punching cylinders into Gold Blocks to finally drop both chests to the bottom near the exit door. One contains a Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #2: At the end of the level, you’ll ride the wind in the Robobot Armor. Grab Sword Mode early on, and as you pass a metal chain, cut it. Cut the second chain quickly to reach a Bonus Room. To solve the puzzle, simply cut the left chain. Don’t get the right chain!
    • Code Cube #3: Hit the Star Switch after the mid-boss to gain a chest with this cube.

Area 5: Rhythm Route

  • Stage 1:
    • Code Cube #1: Part of the way through the first room, look for a unlit fuse beneath three music-note springs. Use the Jet Copy Ability to light the fuse and reach the cannon. In the Bonus Room, light the fuse and hurry through the pipes to reach the cannon before the fuse does. If you make it, you’ll be launched into the first Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #2: An easy one — swapping to the foreground in the next room, you’ll reach an intersection with a bus crossing. Float onto the platform above (with the two ladders) to find this one.
    • Code Cube #3: Near the end of the stage, you’ll find a Robobot Armor. Grab a music-playing enemy and keep Mike Mode. Use the noise on the first sleeping tortoise to summon a 3D Star. Now backtrack to the first sleeping tortoise all the way to the left in the foreground. Use the sound of music on its face and ride the star to the Treasure Chest.
  • Stage 2:
    • Code Cube #1: In the hallway with the giant rolling billiard balls, you’ll spot an enemy carrying a Battery. Defeat him and take the battery to the end of the room to power a saw. The saw cuts through a barrier leading to this cube.
    • Code Cube #2: Right after, wait until the third set of prizes appear on the giant roulette wheel. Go for the Code Cube first! It won’t last long.
    • Code Cube #3: Leaving the wheel, you’ll arrive at a vertical room. Grab the Robobot Armor to the right before climbing the ladder. Up above, you’ll find the Code Cube surrounded by Gold Blocks. Hit a giant billiard ball into the blocks to get your cube.
  • Stage 3:
    • Code Cube #1: At the maze, enter the doors in this order; left door, upper-right door, and center door. The third door won’t appear until you jump up and hit a switch directly above the middle of the room.
    • Code Cube #2: Complete the maze, and you’ll reach a long hallway with a wire running through the platforms. Activate the wire with Spark Mode and keep the charge going until it reaches the Metal Door. In the Bonus Room, complete the puzzle to earn a Rare Sticker — or keep turning the screw until the contraption breaks and reveals a Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #3: In the long hallway with the digital skull squares cascading toward the foreground, you’ll find a third Treasure Chest. Hit the Star Switch under the metal platform and collect the contents of the chest.
  • Stage 4:
    • Code Cube #1: In the second room, take the upper path on the ramps, swapping planes until you reach the higher Star Door. Enter it and you’ll encounter a Laser Station you’ll need to charge. Charge the first station and cut through the steel girder, but don’t charge the second! Instead, swap to the background to get around the second girder. Drop down the hole and use the lower Laser Station to find a hidden cube.
    • Code Cube #2: Ahead, you’ll reach a large vertical chamber with ramps leading down. Hit the Bomb Block and race toward the end — the bomb destroys a Block Bridge you need to cross to reach this Code Cube, so be fast.
    • Code Cube #3: At the very next room, drive down the ramp and make a leap of faith — follow the stars. Jump once, then wait for the stairs to rise again before performing a double jump. If you follow the stars, you’ll land on a platform with the final cube of this stage.
  • Stage 5:
    • Code Cube #1: Keep the Energy Pole until the end of the train car and hit the Star Switch, then swap into the foreground. Backtrack through the train — hit the Bomb Block near the un-powered saw and destroy the Metal Blocks caging the Battery in with the Energy Pole. Then return to the background, grab the Battery, place it in the saw, and the Code Cube is as good as your’s.
    • Code Cube #2: After the mid-boss, gain his Hammer Copy Ability and swap to the foreground. Backtrack, switch to the background again and hit the Hammer Spot.
    • Code Cube #3: Leave the train with the Robobot Armor and use the screw before the stage exit. Turn the tower until you spot another screw. Turn the second (tower) screw until the tower topples over and a secret door opens. Enter the secret door and climb the platform on the right to find a Treasure Chest with the last code cube.
  • Stage 7 EX:
    • Code Cube #1: In the first scrolling sequence on the train, you’ll find a rope in the water. Throw a knife from outside the water to cut the rope, opening up the alcove with the Code Cube. You’ll need to use the Ninja Copy Ability, there’s a ninja on a wall just before you reach the rope.
    • Code Cube #2: After gaining the Robobot Armor, push each iteration of cargo/vehicle across the digital display pads. Keep switching out, using the previous push-able to reach the second and third, until you can finally push the fourth left and reach a Bonus Room. In th Bonus Room, collect a Spark Mode power-up and help the charge reach the sealed door with the screw crank.
    • Code Cube #3: Like always, hit the Star Switch at the end of the stage before leaving through the exit door to get a Code Cube in a Treasure Chest.

Area 6: Access Ark

  • Stage 1:
    • Code Cube #1: Destroy the Bomb Block after defeating the Security Force mid-boss and open the Treasure Chest. The chest and block are found to the left of the room’s exit door.
    • Code Cube #2: After the second Security Force mid-boss, pull the center ceiling switch and enter the pipe. Open the chest for the second Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #3: Ride the 3D Star following the third Security Force mid-boss. Before leaving through the exit door, check out the right corner and step on the Star Switch to make the final Treasure Chest containing a Code Cube appear for this stage.
  • Stage 2:
    • Code Cube #1: Defeat Security Force and smash the wooden crate to the left after a quick 3D Star ride to get the Bonus Room. To solve this puzzle, use Poison and attack downward to shoot a glob of poison into the water, which will activate the Star Switch for the third door.
    • Code Cube #2: Deliver the third Battery to the third Teleporter in the room with the skull-faced digital panels.
    • Code Cube #3: In the last room, make sure to hit all the Star Switches in the foreground before using the 3D Star to enter the background plane. When all the switches are hit, all the doors to the lower path will be open, allowing Kirby to reach this level’s third Code Cube.
  • Stage 3:
    • Code Cube #1: At the vertical shaft, get Bomb Mode. Jump into an area with narrow openings on the left and right — shoot one Bomb right, then another left. The right bomb will hit a switch, opening a door for the left bomb that will also hit a switch that opens a door for Kirby. Follow the new path, using the narrow passages to blast the Metal Blocks above until you reach a well-earned Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #2: In the room with poison gas, get Ice Mode — it can dissipate poison clouds — and continue to the exit door. Before leaving, look in the upper-right corner. Clear the gas and climb the mesh to resh a Bonus Room door. To solve the puzzle, turn the screw crank and freeze the water to make a path. In the background, break the Bomb Block and freeze the water so the enemy carrying a Battery can cross the gap and power the Teleporter. When the Teleporter is powered-up, ride into the foreground and grab the cube.
    • Code Cube #3: For the maze, use these Copy Abilities; Snow, Fire, and Spark. First; take the Snowman head to the body — make sure to refreeze it between stoves. Second; grab the cannon and place it on the third pad. Get Fire Mode and light the fuse, and ride up to the third part of the maze. For this part, grab the large Block with blue/red wires and collect Spark Mode. Place the block where the wires meet first and set the charge going before using the screw crank. Make it to the bottom with the spark to open the path to the third Code Cube.
  • Stage 4:
    • Code Cube #1: In the cyber-space zone, keep moving until you reach a Star Door exit with space to the right. A bridge will appear — keep moving right and exit this second door instead. In the Bonus Room, take the Battery and jump up the steps before new squares appear. If you’re fast, Kirby will deliver the Battery to the giant saw and gain access to a Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #2: This Code Cube appears in the vertical path where deadly digital shapes form in the background. Part of the way down this gauntlet, you’ll see the Code Cube on the right. Grab it before the geometry appears!
    • Code Cube #3: Ahead, you’ll be moving up a vertical room instead of down. Right before the end, you’ll float throw a passage that splits; left or up. Go left and break the Bomb Block before more geometry appears. The cube is in the alcove ahead.
  • Stage 5:
    • Code Cube #1: Defeat the Holo Ice-Dragon and grab the large Metal Block in the following room. Carry it over a very precarious jump and place it on the Gold Blocks to reveal the first Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #2: After Holo Kracko, place the large Metal Block over the three-block wide gap under the Treasure Chest. Later you’ll reach the background and hit a Star Switch that drops the treasure. It’ll fall into oblivion if you don’t put the Metal Block down beneath it.
    • Code Cube #3: During the second Jet Mode section, hit every Star Switch as you pass by. Eventually you’ll reach a 3D Star. After swapping planes, follow the lower path to find this Code Cube.
  • Stage 7 EX:
    • Code Cube #1: Arrivinig in the city streets section of the stage, you’ll see an enemy carrying a Battery in the background. Hit all the Star Switches to clear the obstactles for him so he can activate the saw and open the blocked path to the Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #2: In the desert room, move right until you spot a platform above with two ladders attached. A Bonus Room door is on this platform. To solve the puzzle, get the Doctor Copy Ability and use the Science Lab attack (Down+B) — it will randomly create different effects. Keep doing it until you summon ice to destroy the fire blocks, and summon fire to destroy the ice blocks. Ride the 3D Star and hit the Star Switch to activate both Teleporters, bringing the Code Cube right to Kirby.
    • Code Cube #3: Same as always — defeat the bosses and hit the Star Switch to get tons of prizes and a Treasure Chest containing one Code Cube.
  • Stage 8 EX:
    • Code Cube #1: Once you’re armed with the Robobot Armor, return to the giant billiards table and punch one of the rolling balls to collect the first Code Cube from inside the chest that catapults into the foreground.
    • Code Cube #2: Returning to the screw crank with the attached red/blue wires, keep cranking until the lug in the center drops right out, presenting you with one tricky Code Cube.
    • Code Cube #3: Don’t escape from the tree-cyborg, defeat it! Smash the tree-bot to gain a treasure chest containing one more Code Cube.

That’s all the Code Cubes in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Hope you had as much fun as we did. Now go and play all the other modes — including Metaknight’s Revenge!