Overwatch: Murlocs, Hearthstone & More Easter Eggs

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Murlocs return and heroes play Hearthstone in the Overwatch Open Beta.


Overwatch is finally here. If you’re not too busy blasting online opponents, you’ll find tons of Easter eggs and Blizzard references littered throughout the impeccably detailed environments. To celebrate the big release, we’ve collected an ever-growing list of in-jokes found in the beta.

What have we found so far? Diablo, Murlocs, and Hearthstone are all involved. Most are pretty well known, but players are tracking down all new references. Every map is incredibly dense and detailed, filled with images, artwork, and text dropping hints on anything Blizzard-related. Keep checking back as we add new entries to the expanding list below.

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Easter Eggs List

Work-in-Progress: Expect to find even more Easter eggs here as they’re uncovered.

How Popular Is Hearthstone?

Stop to check the computers scattered throughout Overwatch and you’re bound to find Hearthstone being played. The popular Blizzard-developed card game can be found in the Practice Range map. Check the gym and look on the laptop screen to spot someone’s paused match. Listen carefully and you’ll hear the Hearthstone menu music playing.


Hearthstone also appears in the Cinematic Trailer. Blink and you’ll miss the chubby security guard playing on his tablet.

Pharah’s Halo-esque Security Armor

Pharah must be a fan of Halo’s multiplayer Security Armor because her own similarly-titled Security Chief skin bears a striking resemblance. Check it out for yourself and let us know if you agree.


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Murloc Mascots

Those gurgling Murlocs make an appearance on Hanamura as a colorful mascot for the “Rikimaru” ramen noodle restaurant. Shooting the cartoon sign even produces the Murloc’s signature sounds. More 2D signs appear on the restaurant’s branded trucks found throughout the map.


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Outhouse Exit

A particularly crude Easter egg found on the dusty Route 66 map got the boot in an earlier patch. Listening to its fans, Blizzard decided to cut the obvious masturbation joke. If you’re all up-to-date, this Easter egg is no more.

In case the screenshot below doesn’t get the message across, it’s implied someone (or something?) has a magazine featuring one of the Overwatch heroes sticking out from a rustic outhouse and uses it for less-than prurient interests.


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Deckard Cain Lives!

The memorable old mission-giver from Diablo 1-3 also makes an appearance on Route 66. In one of the restaurants, you’ll find a famous check pasted to the wall, signed by Deckard Cain himself. The date “5/5/12” is the release date for Diablo 3, but what about the bar code at the bottom?


Redditor Owltruism cleaned up and scanned the code, revealing that it says “Cain Lives” — will we be seeing Cain in a future Diablo game? Only time will tell.

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Diablo in Dorodo

The Lord of Darkness himself returns from the Diablo series, this time taking the form of… a pinata. There are tons of demonic pinatas found across Dorodo that bear a resemblance to everyone’s favorite Satanic surrogate.


Diablo also appears on multiple ad posters for a hellish hot sauce. Try at your own risk.

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