Top 10 RPGs of 2012

Top RPGs of 2012. It’s almost the dawn of the new year and new games loom on the horizon. We take a look at the most-wanted RPGs of 2012.

Top Role Playing Games of 2012

top rpgs 2012

You've almost made it through the gauntlet, and there are five Draugr ahead of you—their eyes a cold, iridescent blue and their axes gleaming in torchlight. Ahead of the undead, a wall of stone with ancient markings beckons to you. You're playing an RPG—Skyrim—arguably the year's finest RPG. 

At over a hundred hours in length, RPGs like Skyrim offer a good bang for their buck. Aside from Skyrim, the year of 2011 offered scant little in the way of good RPGs—The Witcher 2 and Human Revolution and the aforementioned Skyrim. The only other major RPG, Dragon Age 2, was a grave disappointment to many for its lackluster story and repetitive areas. 

It's good to note, then, that the next year looks much more promising in terms of RPGs—and until any of these games are released, we can rest easy in the comforts of Skyrim.