10 Fallout 4 Players Turn Lightboxes Into Art

These are stunning.

Redditors are using lightboxes to create billboards in Fallout 4, and some of them are genuine works of art. While these may not be the best use of time or resources, we still think they’re awesome.

This 2800-lightbox pixel Samus which, quite frankly, is an internet-winning mic drop that needs no introduction.

This Porygon 2 replica.

This YOLO, which feels a little too real for a game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

The original animated billboard.

Creating Animated Billboards in Fallout 4

This post-apocalyptic discotheque.

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This homage to Super Mario.

This dedicated Seahawks fan.

This tribute to Paris.

This tribute to the game itself.

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And lastly, this Redditor who just couldn’t be bothered.

If any readers have some of their own lightbox pieces they want to share, please feel free to link in the comments. You can also use our guide to learn how to make your own billboard art.

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