Destiny: The Taken King Guide – How to Get First Curse, Exotic Hand Cannon

This Destiny: The Taken King guide will teach you how to acquire First Curse, an Exotic Hand Cannon.

There's a new Destiny: The Taken King quest players have discovered today that enables them to receive an Exotic Hand Cannon called First Curse.

To unlock the weapon, you have to reach rank 5 at your Gunsmith to begin a new questline called Imprecation. 

To hit rank 5, especially this early in the game's release, requires a massive amount of luck by getting rare relic drops in addition to completing the Gunsmith's Field Test Weapon tests. 

Steps to complete the quest "The Right Word"

1. The first step of the Imprecation questline is to get Hand Cannon kills with a Primary or Hand Cannon Telemetry active. You can purchase these Telemetries from the Gunsmith.

2. Speak to Banshee-44, the Gunsmith for the next part of the quest.

3. Waiting on Tex. At this point, you'll have to wait until the next Armsday (Wednesday) arrives before you can continue the quest.

4. Speak to Banshee-44. When Armsday rolls around, speak to Banshee-44 and he'll give you a new Field Test Weapon—a hand cannon called Imprecation

5. Weapon Skills. This part is interesting. You'll have to Infuse the weapon, get seven kill sprees on regular mobs out in the world, and get a single precision kill spree in the Crucible. You'll need to get headshots for the last one.

6. Speak to Banshee-44. This is the last step of the quest. He'll tell you to wait for another Armsday, at which point you will receive First Curse.

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