The Best Gaming Podcast Ever: Episode 1

Welcome to the first ever episode of Gameranx’s very own podcast.

gameranx podcast

We've come up with our first ever podcast, which we're happily referring to as The Best Gaming Podcast Ever—it's a big name to live up to, we know—where we discuss everything (big) that happened last week, from the Sony acquisition of Sucker Punch, to the 3DS price cuts. We even covered a bit of Randy Pitchford's rant against "shoddy game journalism"—weighty stuff! 

Our big topic for the show revolves around the development of first party games, third party games, and how studios—like Sucker Punch—being bought out affects the industry. 

Be sure to tune in by either downloading the episode here or by listening to it through the embedded player below. 

We'll be giving away three copies of Limbo for the PSN. If you'd like to win a copy, just post a response in the comments below with suggestions on what you'd like to hear us talk about and we'll count you in for the running.