Dark Souls 2 Tips and Tricks Cheats Guide

Just getting started with Dark Souls 2? Here’s some tips and tricks to get you up to speed.

Dark Souls 2 is now available on consoles. Like the first game, Dark Souls 2 is notoriously difficult to play, and new players could use a bit of a helping hand to get through the game—especially at the beginning. 

With that in mind, we’ve decided to lend you a hand by compiling this tips and tricks guide to get you through the game’s earliest portions. 

Here are things that you can do to get started. 


You can change your character's gender by sleeping in the coffin on the beach in the tutorial area.

Get a second estus charge by exploring the well in Majula.

The first place you should go is to enter the forest, in the exit closest to the bonfire.

There is a silver knight in the forest. For an easier battle, take him down with throwing knives. He drops the heide sword, which is lightning elemental.

A fire longsword can be found before the second bonfire in the forest, near the blocked flaming gate.

For an extra human effigy, kill the skeleton in the basement of the mansion. You can enter the mansion by finding the cartographer after the second bonfire in the forest area. 

Never bash open treasure chests, it turns the contents into trash. To check for mimics, simply hit them once and watch for smoke. 

Healing items will heal you over time. 

Push the “use” button to open illusory walls, don't hit them. On the other hand, blue faces on walls are opened by hitting them.

You can hit firebombs and other projectiles out of the air with your standard attack. It’s like baseball. 

If you murder an NPC, you can buy individual parts of their armor from the undead merchant in the forest of giants tower.