Top 11 Best Adventure Games of 2014

Here are some of the best graphic adventure games of 2014 on the PC and console.

Update: We've added none other than Costume Quest 2 to this list of games to round up the great adventure titles available mainly on the PC in 2014. There's not too many of them to go around, but the ones on this list are fantastic plays.

The former poster boy genre of the 1990s, the graphic adventure, has been in steady decline ever since the 90s ended and shooters took over. Nowadays with the resurgence of former adventure game design superstars, the genre seems to be heading towards a sort of renaissance. Tim Schafer is doing new ones with Broken Age, his buddy Ron Gilbert is also back on the ball, and a number of new faces from around the block have shown up to add some new flavor to the old pointy-clicky. Well. Not always pointy-clicky.