10 Holy Sh*t Battlefield 4 Moments

These ten moments in Battlefield 4 had us at the edge of our seats and made us go, ‘holy sh*t!’

10 Holy Sh*t Battlefield 4 Moments

Don’t we all love it when plans come together as good old A-Team’s Hannibal kept reminding us? Yes we do. But sometimes, plans don’t come together, sometimes things just go wrong. Spectacularly wrong. And then other times, just at the brink of utter devastation, you manage to pull yourself up out of the danger zone (DANGER ZONE!) by your proverbial bootstraps. A life lesson. That’s something this year’s best shooting game is all about. Spectacular failure and even more spectacular recovery. 

Just look at all those things falling apart and players miraculously not getting killed in the process. Well. You know not players but their in-game avatars. Would not be the best selling point for a game if you failed and, well, died. Always crucial to make that distinction. 

Yeah you might have guessed it, I am not talking about Call of Duty but the other one. Battlefield the Fourth. Battlefield 4. That one. Where you can make skyscrapers collapse like it’s a certain date in the early naughties all over again. Where you can jump out of a plane, onto another plane, pull the pilot out, knife him mid air, and board your own plane again. Wait that was in Battlefield 3, but I’m sure you can still do that in this game if you’re good enough. 

Just look at those moments and try not to ruin your pants. If you need me, I’m in the laundry room.