Top 14 Best Xbox One Games of 2014

Here are 14 of the hottest and greatest, most anticipated games of 2014 due for release on the Xbox One console.

Top 10 Xbox One Games of 2014

Update: As the Xbox One sees more and more titles coming to its shores, we’ve decided to add two new titles to this list, including premier racing title Forza Horizon 2 and cloak-and-dagger stealth action game Assassin’s Creed Unity. 

New consoles, a new round of the console war. The Xbox One isn’t off to an easy start. Microsoft has marred the unborn console’s reputation long before it’s even out on the shelves, and even now that the release date comes closer, the news do not get better. But eventually, gameplay and features will triumph over such a trivial thing as graphical fidelity, right? Look at what Nintendo has been doing these past few years and they are doing great, right? Will surely work for Microsoft as well. Am I biased? Maybe. Skeptical? Most likely. But we’ll see who comes out on top this upcoming generation in a few years time.