Five Gaming Plot Twists Not Meant for the Internet

Sometimes having an awesome plot-twist can backfire when its popularity spoils it for everyone else.

Note: This article disccuses widely-known plot twists in video games and sometimes mentions others from different mediums. Before I discuss each plot twist, I will write a lead-in sentence with the game's title on the previous slide to prevent irrevocably depriving you of an unforgettable and jaw-dropping experience. 

Some games are widely known for their well-executed plot twists and  for flooring a lot of gamers during the early days of its release. Gamers talked about it with their friends on social media accounts and writers added them into their "top 10" lists throughout the years.

Over time, these revelations stop becoming "twists" in a sense that it becomes common knowledge that everyone in the gaming world is expected to know. It's similar to how a lot of people know that Bruce Willis is dead in Sixth Sense or Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father in Star Wars before even watching the film.

There are times when the twist in the story isn't essential to appreciating a game because it was easy to spot or audiences felt like it was contrived. However, there are games that excellently makes use of the "plot twist" element when it impacts how the player percieves the entire experience.

It's not the same when you already know what happens. You'll start looking for clues in the very beginning, and it becomes difficult to appreciate how the developers cleverly masked seemingly trivial details that were important. It's like someone telling you how a magic trick works before they actually perform it.  Not much of a 'wow' factor now, right?

This isn't a list about the greatest plot twists in video games. I know there's already a ton of that around the web. Instead, I'll be showing you some of the "widely known" plot twists that have become so popular in gaming culture that it detracts from what made them so buzzworthy in the first place.

Let me begin my list with Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain