Calm Down, There’s No Conspiracy Behind Microsoft’s Uploaded PS4 Footage

A lot of people think this is Microsoft way of acknowledging PS4’s superiority. It might be something simpler.

Microsoft may have sparked another uproar between PlayStation and Xbox loyalists when reports have surfaced online that the company uploaded footage of multi-platform game Watch Dogs on their YouTube page. The problem is the footage is allegedly from the PlayStation 4 console.

Some skeptics argue that the screenshot was doctored by Sony loyalists. However, it's hard to believe that it is a conspiracy since Microsoft has since taken down the video. 

While this may just be a logistics error or employee misstep, it will no doubt give bullets to Xbox's detractors regardless if they are blank or not. This does not mean Xbox thinks the PS4 is superior, but it will definitely make others think so on surface value.

CNET suggested that it could be Ubisoft's mistake by giving the same unedited next-gen footage to both Microsoft and Sony. Maybe one employee mistakenly mixed the Xbox footage with the PS4's. That's a possible scenario that could have happened.

Recently, the Xbox One has also been under fire for the upscaled 720p to 1080p resolution of Call of Duty: Ghosts on their console. People have also used this to attack the capability of the Xbox One so hastily. While I am not a game developer, I do believe that there are a lot of technicalities behind the decision and it wasn't as simple as "it can't run on native 1080p" because other Xbox One games certainly can.

The strange thing is I think that most of the people who actually use these issues as ammunition knows it's superficial. They use it on forums and other websites just because it's an easy way to target Microsoft.

It's unfortunate that many users jump to conclusions and ignite an internet war quickly. Sony has also been a victim of this in other occassions, but that's just how the internet is.

However, this doesn't absolve Microsoft from anything whatsoever. Everyone knows that people are quick to criticize especially in the volatile landscape of console wars. They should have been more careful and mindful about what they upload on their social media accounts. 

If Microsoft really thinks that the PS4 is superior, they would have done a lot more than upload a PS4 video on YouTube.