Top 25 Best Free iPhone Games

Free iPhone Games: Wonder which free games are worth playing on the iPhone? We’ve written down the 25 best free iPhone games available to download and play from the AppStore.

The iPhone is without a doubt the best mobile gaming platform on the market, short of getting a dedicated device like the Nintendo DS. Thanks to the popularity of the platform, there are numerous free iPhone games available. We have listed 25 of the best free games among them.

#25 Hero Academy

Hero Academy free iphone game

Hero Academy comes from the makers of Orcs Must Die and Age of Empires Online, and like the other games on their roster, it's a top notch title that spans across multiple platforms.

Players command an army of units who do battle on a board against friends and strangers alike in multiple one-on-one battles. Games can last for twenty minutes or across a full day, depending on how quickly you play you and your opponent play your turns. The game's asynchronous approach makes it a great diversion for gamers on the go.

Download here.


#24 Checkers Free

free checkers

For those that enjoy classic boardgames but are not into the complexity of chess, there is a viable substitute to be found in checkers. Enjoy the simple, structured strategy of checkers and play either with a human friend or against a challenging AI. The overall rendering of this game is downright appealing, from the sound effects to the visuals. If it's checkers you want, this is the app for you!

Download here.


#23 Contract Killer

steambird survival

Aerial tactical gameplay has a home in Steambirds: Survival, which sees players command a fleet of airplanes in turn-based battles against the AI.

On each turn, you'll set a course for your planes to engage the enemy, and (hopefully) predict that they fly into your line of fire so you can destroy them while taking little damage in turn. The game's approach forces you to make a lot of tactical decisions and consider how to use all of your units in a cohesive manner.

Download here.


#22 iJewels


Swap the jewels back and forth to match 3 or more in a row. There's something indescribably satisfying about the clacking sound these jewels make each time they drop from the sky after a chain is formed. Gameplay is somewhat improved with a touch interface, and the leaderboards are cross-platform, so players can compete even against friends with Android phones.

Download here.


#21 Sudoku 


This is a pretty straightforward adaptation of the matrix game that is often referred to as a crossword puzzle for numbers. This particular version features a feudal Japan theme  and two separate keypads for better flow between number entry and notes. There are five different difficulty levels, as well as Open Feint integration for leaderboards, and over 3,000 puzzles to solve.

Download here.

#20 Coastal Super Combat

coastal super combat

What's better than blowing stuff up? Only blowing stuff up in the name of protecting people, and the innocents in this case are the residents of Tiny Island. When their peaceful paradise is invaded, it's up to you to defend them with over 10 different weapons and 100 levels. Get cracking! These invaders aren't gonna shoot themselves!

Download here.


#19 Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower's a little bit like SimTower, if SimTower were simplified and playable on your phone and required you to wait for periods of time to make any progress whatsoever. That being said, it's not an entirely boring game and allows you to express some creativity in naming the residences and businesses that operate within your tower.

The game itself is fairly simple, but addictive, in that you're tasked to build a tower, stock stores and shepherd visitors, and earn currency you can use to add new floors with the goal of building the largest tower you possibly can.

Download here.


#18 Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is a lightning-fast variant of PopCap's classic gem-matching game Bejeweled, which sees players matching gems of the same type together. As the name suggests, you'll have only sixty seconds for which to time your decisions and score as many points as you possibly can within the duration. You'll have to rely on quick reflexes and quick thinking to rack up a high score.

Download here.


#17 Stupidness 2

stupidness 2

Though it sounds like a simple quiz game, Stupidness 2 actually plays on a very prominent aspect of human psychology. We all want to think we're pretty smart. Well, now's the time to find out! Plunge into these fast pace puzzles and questions to test your IQ and see if you can improve your score. Stupidness 2 is also Facebook integrated for maximum embarrassment!

Download here.


#16 Gun Bros 2

gun bros

Join the Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Galactic Enforcement Division (F.R.A.G.G.E.D.) as they battle their enemies, the Tyrannical Oppressors of Life (T.O.O.L.)! The graphics are among the best ever witnessed in an iPhone game. Combined with the gigantic guns and self-aware, snarky humor, this makes for an engaging experience.

The new update to the game has the barriers for free which makes it an even more addicitve game at no extra cost.

Download here.


#15 Into the Dead

into the dead

Into the Dead is a refreshing contrast from usual zombie shooters and endless runners, in that it puts you in the direct path of zombies, whom you must kill—endlessly—as you walk headlong into foggy, desolated environment populated by the walking dead who want nothing but to feast on your still-living flesh. You'll be able to pick up weapons along the way and hopefully kill as many of the bastards before you go down.

Download here.


#14 Heroes of Order and Chaos

heroes of order

The best MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games might be on the PC, which offer League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Heroes of Newerth just to name a few, but the genre has a home on the iPhone thanks to Heroes of Order & Chaos.

Like its PC counterparts, the iPhone game allows you to be a part of a team of five players, whom you'll work with to fight against five others and destroy their towers. It's a highly tactical game that requires teamwork and proficiency with the character you choose to play as. Best of all, it's free to play.

Download here.


#13 One Single Life 2

One Single life

One thing you should know up front about One Single Life is that only 4% players beat it. And you only get one chance. And you're basically playing against yourself, because the game is filled with challenges and dotted with cold, hard statistics about  what percentage of players have died in each puzzle. So, technically that is three things you should know, but admit it: You really want to try now, don't you?

The sequel offers leaderboards, achievements, and much more.

Download here.


#12 Angry Birds Space Free

angry birds free

Why are these birds so angry? Those evil, green pigs are still up to no good! They've raided all the nests and stolen the eggs, and it's up to the player to get them back! Carefully take aim and fire these willingly weaponized avians towards the destruction of the pigs' pen. This physics-based puzzler was a classic the moment it was released! Yes, the game is bloated with ads, but that's a small price you pay for free gameplay.

Download here.


#11 Words With Friends

words with friends

Recently acquired by Zynga, this mobile "Scrabble" clone stays true to its original lexicon and board format, with cross-platform support for those wanting to battle their Android friends. As always, there is also the option to be paired with a random opponent, in case matches with friends are too slow!

Download here.

#10 Fruit Ninja Lite

fruit ninja lite

Who doesn't want to be a ninja? Slice flying objects and avoid flying traps! Only, in this case, the objects in question are fruits, and the traps in question are bombs. There's also a timed mode, which involves simply slicing as many fruits as possible to meet a quota. It sounds simple, but whoever is running the Fruit Ninja Kaka Dojo has pretty high standards for what qualifies as "enough fruit". 

Download here.


#9 Zombie Farm 2

zombie farm

YAWN. Blowing up zombies is old news. Try growing them, instead! Plant your zombie seeds, tend to them, and then harvest a hoard to send to your anti-zombie bigot neighbors. Hey, if we can make people OK with zombies, maybe we can finally get over all that other stupid prejudice, too!

Download here.


#8 Real Racing 3

real racing 3

Real Racing 3 is one of the best racing games available on the iPhone, dropping the price tag from the franchise (it previously cost money to play) while maintaining its quality. Unlike other racing games on the iPhone, this one comes with real, licensed vehicles and tracks and hundreds of available events for you to race in. You can pay a few dollars for more content, but it's fun even if you decide to play it for free.

Download here.


#7 Solitaire


Some things will never go out of style. Though it's been known by many names (variations include "Patience" and "Klondike") people have been playing some form of Solitaire since the late 1700s, and now it's available on mobile platforms! 

Download here.


#6 Zynga Poker

zynga poker

Say what you will about Zynga, but they know how to make social games. Fully integrated with Facebook (of course!), Zynga Poker enables players to compete against friends or random opponents, and also has daily lotteries of up to 1,000,000 chips. I, for one, welcome our new Zynga Overlords!

Download here.

#5 Jetpack Joyride


Jetpack Joyride is a simple, one-button action game where players control the height of the game's main character, Barry Steakfries (yeah, it's a really silly name) as he flies through the air on his rocket jetpack while firing bullets at everything in his path.

Barry must overcome a wide host of obstacles as he propels through the levels, including electricity fields and fast moving lasers. Along the way, you can also grab a variety of cosmetics and vehicle pickups.

Download here.


#4 Pac-Man Lite

pac-man lite

While this is a demo version of the full game, it's definitely enough to get players hooked and wanting more of this arcade classic. Help Pac-Man eat his way to cherries, pretzels, and victory as he avoids the ghosts, Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde, who chase him through his labyrinth.

Download here.


#3 Subway Surfers

subway surfers

This game reminds us a lot of Temple Run, but it does have its unique aspect to it. Swiping across the screen will help you collect maximum coins and dodge obstacles. Check it out for yourself, for free of course.

Download here.


#2 NinJump


Another entry from the team that produced Paper Toss,  ninjas in this game must fight their way to the top, while avoiding bombs, squirrels, shuriken, birds, and other ninjas. Taking out three like enemies in a row grants a mega-jump bonus, and objects can be combatted mid-air when jumping back and forth. Ninjas can grab hold of shields to become temporarily invincible, and send enemies flying. This game also features leaderboards, and the ability to post scores directly from the game to Facebook and Twitter, so trounce your friends at will!

Download here.


#1 Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Temple Run is an endless runner, and the sequel to the first Temple Run. It's a game that'll have you coming back again and again in an attempt to beat your high score. The new version of the game adds mine cart and zipline sequences.

The gist of the game's pretty simple: you're an Indiana Jones-like character who's running to escape from a temple as it collapses around you, while jumping over and avoiding obstacles in your path. It's like a nightmare that only ends when you get killed.

Download here.