Minecraft Xbox 360: How to Guide

Minecraft Xbox 360: How to grow jungle trees, cocoa beans and tame Ocelots.

minecraft xbox 360

With the release of Minecraft Xbox 360's TU12 upon us, 4j Studios has posted up a number of links to some fan-made guides for the game. These guides are applicable not only to the upcoming TU12 but the existing TU11 version of the game, as well.

If you don't mind listening to someone who sounds like a cracked out crack dealer high on his own crack, these short guides are supremely helpful in figuring out how to grow jungle trees in the game, how to tame an ocelot, how to use upsidedown stairs and slabs, and how to grow cocoa beans. Just mind the volume before hitting play and you'll be good to go.

How to grow jungle trees

How To Tame An Ocelot

How to grow Cocoa beans