Pikmin 3 Glitches Guide

Here’s a guide to all the glitches in Pikmin 3.

pikmin 3 glitches

Nintendo games aren't particularly known for their glitches, and are in fact some of the most polished games in existence—so much so that they've developed their reputation around crafting "perfect" titles.

Their reputation aside, their games are not in any way "perfect", which isn't to say that they're bad games or even what you'd call "buggy" games—but they do have bugs, and glitches, while rare, do exist in their games.

Nintendo's latest title, Pikmin 3, is not a bug-free experience. It seems loaded with a host of glitches that can either impede gameplay (in the worst of case) or serve as amusements.

With that in mind, we've decided to put together this compilation of glitches that you may or may not experience as you play through Pikmin 3.

Early Shaggy Long Legs at Distant Tundra with unlimited in-game clock.

Out of Bounds