Top 10 Best RPGs for the Nintendo 3DS

Gameranx takes a look at the ten best role-playing games that the Nintendo 3DS has to offer.

Best 3DS RPGs

best 3ds rpgs

Update: We've added Bravely Default to this list of best RPGs for the Nintendo 3DS, as it's one of the finest role-playing games available to the handheld platform.

The Nintendo 3DS is home to a lot of games, and in particular, it's home to a host of role-playing games, some of which are among the best the genre has to offer. Though some titles were released on other platforms before, they're equally good on the 3DS, and feature three-dimensional graphics that no other platform has to offer. 

You might have seen the 3DS as a lackluster platform when it came out, but it has really come into its own over the 2 years it has been out, not to mention blowing up in unit sales. As a result, more and more devs saw great potential in the mobile platform it offers and brought high quality titles for us to enjoy.

Without further ado, we take a look at the ten best RPGs on the Nintendo 3DS. 

#11 Bravely Default [New Entry]

Bravely Default is a traditional JRPG created by Square Enix that offers the elegant simplicity of old-school Japanese RPGs with a new risk/reward system that fans of the genre will certainly find themselves obsessing over. In Bravely Default, players take on the role of a humble shepherd named Tiz, a lone survivor of a cataclysmic event. It’s up to Tiz to assemble a motley crew of heroes to go on a journey and restore balance to the world.