GTA 5 Hidden Secrets and Trailer Analysis

Gameranx analyzes the latest trailer for GTA 5 for hidden secrets and details within.

Today Rockstar released the first ever gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5 which includes sniping long distance as a skyscraper heist is underway and what Rockstar describes as "a touch of voyeurism" created by having three main protagonists in the game; Trevor, Franklin and Michael.

Players will also have extensive customization option and even the ability to buy real estate and purchase stocks in the game. Here's what else we discovered:

– Gun sound is now marked on the minimap

The sound of your gun is now marked on the minimap, alerting all foes to your presence within a circular radius.

– Player switching

Players appear to be able to switch from one to the other at any given time, and in doing so, they will find themselves in the midst of car chases or at segues to the start of new missions.

– Carrying Multiple Weapons of same type

– Map shows inside of the building you're in

– Towable boats

As previously revealed, you'll be able to hitch trailers to some vehicles. Boats, too, can be towed!

– Minimap variations

The minimap appears to change based on your mode of transport. Planes get an altitude meter, for example.

New screenshot, previously unseen. Used as a cover for the trailer:

There's a pet store. Unknown whether you can enter it to purchase pets, or to what extent they will be interactive.

Sniper interface.

Rapelling Mechanics.

Character selection wheel and skills on bottom right corner.

Car/vehicle customization screen.

Some customizations are locked. 

Character outfit customization. 



Weapon selection wheel 

Shooting range



Base diving 

Tattoo customization screen

Some Screens Courtesy [Reddit]