GTA V: 10 Features We Want – "Grand Theft of Free Time"

GTA 5 | GTA V | Grand Theft Auto V may be a year or two down the road, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate on the types of features we’d like to see in the game. Culled from countless suggestions are ten of the game’s most wanted features.

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GTA 5 / GTA V / Grand Theft Auto V may be a year or two down the road, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate on the types of features we'd like to see in the game. Culled from countless suggestions are ten of the game's most wanted features.

#10 Branching Storyline and Choices That Matter

Without spoiling too much about “Grand Theft Auto IV,” it goes without saying that the choice you made towards the end was one of the toughest moments in gaming history. We’d like to see more of that this time around–preferably throughout the entire game. Hard choices should define who you play as a character and give you ownership of the protagonist. 


#9 Top of the Line Graphics


With so much effort being put into the story and gameplay mechanics, there’s little reason for the graphics to be left out. More than anything, the driving force behind the sudden popularity of Rockstar’s own upcoming game, “L.A. Noire” can be attributed to its realistic graphics. A GTA game could certainly benefit from having the same level of detail. 


#8 A Proper PC Port

The biggest problem with GTA IV for the PC was that while the requirements remained high (for the time of the game’s release) the game was unbearably sluggish and crash-prone. With top of the line hardware, PC gamers are craving to play a game like GTA V with the highest settings and the most realistic graphics that the game has to offer.


#7 World Persistence, Reactive Environment

The actions you perform throughout the game should have a permanent impact on the city. Kill too many innocent civilians and you’ll develop a reputation for being a bad person. Performing side missions should have leave permanent impacts on the world as a whole. “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” did this to some extent with the gang territories, so why not take it a little further? 


#6 Better Online Gameplay

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Being able to go on various missions with your friends online is all well and good, but not when you have to do it through a gimmicky interface like the telephone in GTA IV. Make it easier for friends to play either competitively or cooperatively with each other through XBox Live, PSN or even Steam. It’s as the old saying goes, “Keep it simple, stupid.” 

#5 An Optional Female Protagonist


Could “Grand Theft Auto V” finally be the game to provide players the ability to take on the role of a female character and break the long chain of male characters in the series? Why not? Giving players a choice between a male or female character would give the title more replay value than any previous GTA title.


#4 A Game Not Built on the Backs of Broken Developers

Rockstar has had a bad reputation for treating its employees rather poorly, working them to the bone with very little regard to the consequences it has to their personal lives. We want to play a good game, but it shouldn’t have to take its toll on the people who make it.


#3 A Memorable Soundtrack

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been well regarded for having amazing soundtracks, usually comprised of licensed music that goes well with the setting. In addition to having a great playlist of songs, the next GTA could be served even better with an original soundtrack like the one provided in Rockstar’s own “Red Dead Redemption.” 


#2 Improved Customization Options

Nico Bellic may be a memorable character, but the amount of customization you’re allowed to perform on him is extremely spartan. This isn’t helped by the fact that the shop interface is difficult to navigate. This is one of the times where a GTA game could benefit from lifting a few ideas from “Saint’s Row 2”. 


#1 Fewer Forced “Social Interactions”

“Hey cousin, let’s go bowling.” No more of this please, thanks! It was bad enough to put up with Roman, but having to put up with multiple callers just to progress their storylines was more of a hassle than anything else.