Battlefield 4 Weapons and Gadgets List

Everything you need to know about Battlefield 4’s weapons, gadgets, and armaments—all in one simple list.

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This year will see another clash of video game titans. Come holiday season, reigning champion Call of Duty will have to face yet again a challenger from EA, this time it’s another entry into the Battlefield series, developed by Swedish studio DICE.

Battlefield 4 will see a return of the class based multiplayer. Players can choose from four character builds, called “Kits”. There is the Assault Kit, the Engineer Kit, the Support Kit and the Recon Kit. Assault is your basic warrior drone, sporting SMPs and assault rifles, the Engineer handles explosives and lighter weapons and repairs vehicles, mostly sidearms and SMPs, the Support is the heavy class, handling grenade launchers and light machine guns in the field, while the Recon Kit is basically a sniper class, handling long range weapons and spotting equipment.

Here we have a collection of all the weapons that have yet appeared in various gameplay demos and leaked files from early versions of the upcoming super shooter, painting a gunpowder colored picture of the things you can expect from EAs big Call of Duty challenger this fall.

Full credit goes to redditor Joltthecoat whose research has been invaluable in compiling the following list. 

Assault Rifles(Assault Kit)
Assault rifles are the swiss army knife of shooting game weapons.The Assault Kit packs a lot of firepower, mainly in the form of Assault Rifles. These weapons are best used in medium to long range confrontations and typically sport underslung grenade launchers for added versatility on the battlefield.
QBZ-95 (Type 95) – Source: Leaked Alpha Images
CZ-805 (BREN) – Source: E3 Gameplay
AK-12 – Source: E3 Gameplay

Personal Defense Weapons (PDWs) (Engineer Kit)
Since the main task of the Engineer on the Battlefield is not dealing damage, he gets a load of lighter guns to defend himself, when no member of another class is around to cover his butt. These guns are lightweight, mostly just semiautomatic, and don’t pack much of a punch, though they will give the Engineers enough time to get to cover, regroup and call in some buddies.
P90 – Source: E3 Gameplay
CZ-3A1 (Scorpion Evo) – Source: E3 Gameplay
UMP-45 – Source: Alpha Files Leak
Mx4 Storm – Source: Leaked Alpha Dogtags

Light Machine Guns (LMGs) (Support Kit)
Don’t let the name mislead you, there is nothing particularly “light” about these weapons. Light Machine Guns are the heavy hitters on the battlefield, and are fully capable of suppressing the enemy, laying down a devastating, sustained storm of lead  on any fool who dares to screw with a Support class. Or his friends. LMGs pack some serious punch, but are also quite hard to handle, take some time to properly set up, and usually have big enough magazines to keep suppressive fire up for quite a while. Also, since Battlefield 4 features the glorious, destructable environment we’ve seen in Battlefield Bad Company 2, we can expect those weapons to eat away any cover in due time.
Ultimax-100 MK5 – Source: E3 Gameplay
Type 88 – Source: Multiplayer Trailer
M249 – Source: Alpha Files Leak

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles(Recon Kit)
In short, the bolt-action sniper rifle is a long-range killing device that provides deadly cover fire for any team with a skilled sniper onboard. Slow to reload, skilled snipers must first line up their shots with these weapons before pulling the trigger, because they’ll rarely get a second chance once their cover is blown.
Scout Elite – Source: E3 Gameplay
SV-98 – Source: Leaked Alpha Images
M40A5 – Source: Alpha Files Leak
CS-LR4 – Source: Leaked Alpha Dogtags

Pistols(All Kits)
Every class in the game comes equipped with these trusty side-arms, which serve as a last ditch weapon in case they run out of ammunition in close quarters combat. They pack very little firepower, so remember to point at the head.
M9 – Source: Multiplayer Trailer
QSZ-92 – Source: Multiplayer Trailer
P226 – Source: Leaked Alpha Dogtags

Shotguns(All Kits)
There is no better weapon that comes in handy during close quarters battles than a shotgun. These firearms pack a mean punch at point blank range but lack the accuracy to do much damage at longer distances. Handy for clearing rooms.  
Hawk 12G – Source: E3 Gameplay
Remington 870 – Source: Alpha Files Leak

Carbines(All Kits)
Carbines are shortened versions of the assault rifle, meant for use at close to medium range engagements. They sacrifice long-range accuracy for short-range versatility.
AK-5C – Source: E3 Gameplay

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs) (All Kits)
Formerly classified as sniper rifles in Battlefield 3, the DMRs are semi-automatic sniper rifles that can be used by any class in the game. They trade firepower for speed and are best used by soldiers who prefer long-range engagements.
RFB – Source: E3 Gameplay
QBU-88 – Source: Leaked Alpha Images

Melee Weapons(All Kits)
If you ever prefer to get up close and personal with your enemy, these knives will allow you to do just that. They are also the only weapons you can use to obtain your enemy’s dog-tags. They’re silent and deadly.
M9 Bayonet(Hand-held only) – Source: E3 Gameplay
Shank – Supposedly has its own stabbing animation – Source: E3 Gameplay

Grenades(All Kits)
Grenades can be used to clear enemy enclosures and holdouts in very short order. One well-thrown grenade is all it takes to evacuate an enemy from their entrenchment.
M67 Frag – Source: E3 Gameplay
M84 Flashbang – Source: E3 Gameplay
M34 Incendiary – Source: E3 Gameplay

Battle Pick-ups(All kits, found on map)
M82(Found at Point C) – Source: Alpha Files Leak
M32 MGL(Found at Point B) – Source: Alpha Files Leak

Assault Kit Gadgets
The gadgets make up the core of the individual classes. The Assault class gadgets focus on healing, reviving and dealing massive damage.
Medic Bag – Same as BF3 – Source: E3 Gameplay
First Aid Pack – Thrown onto ground to be picked up by a single player, or thrown directly onto a single player, quickly heals a single soldier to full health – Source: E3 Gameplay
M320 – Underslung/Standalone grenade launcher – Source: Multiplayer Trailer
M26(BUCK) – Underslung/Standalone shotgun – Source: E3 Gameplay
Defibrillator – Single click instantly revives a player to moderate health, but holding down the button charges the defibrillator, reviving a player to full health. – Source: Darklord openly stated this, and I saw it with my own eyes, but I can't find the original quote, it's common information now however.

Engineer Kit Gadgets
The Engineer class gadgets demonstrate that classes focus on repairing vehicles and making things go boom. Beside the inevitable repair kit, there is a whole number of missiles, rockets and RPGs to toy with and hurl at the enemy.

Repair Tool – Unknown, but appears to be the same as BF3 – Source: E3 Gameplay
RPG-7V2 – Appears to be able to lock onto designated targets – Source: E3 Gameplay
FIM-92 Stinger – Appears to require the user to maintain line-of-sight lock until it hits – Source: E3 Gameplay
MBT-LAW – Javelin Replacement- Also appears to require the user to maintain line-of-sight lock until it hits. Source: E3 Gameplay
AT Mine – Unknown, appears the same as BF3 – Source: E3 Gameplay
Starstreak AA Missile(??) – Seen only in Alpha files, but appears to be another AA launcher, expected to be for Engineer. – Source: Alpha Files Leak
FGM-148 – The Javelin. It's listed separately than MBT-LAW in the Alpha files, which raises some questions. – Source: Alpha Files Leak

Support Kit Gadgets
Support supports. Simple as that. This class can spawn instant ammo refill stations and comes with a smart grenade launcher for further supressive fire.

Ammo Box – Appears the same as BF3 – Source: E3 Gameplay
Ammo Pack – Thrown onto ground to be picked up by a single player, or thrown directly onto a single player, quickly gives a soldier full ammo, but not equipment/explosives -Source: E3 Gameplay
XM-25 – Aim down the scope at cover to set range, then aim above the enemy's cover to shoot an airburst round, mainly suppressive as it does lower damage, Alpha files suggest choice between smoke and explosive rounds – Source: E3 Gameplay

Recon Kit Gadgets
This class is very versatile. It can spot targets and mark them for serious punishment, provide the buddies with location data, and throw a C4 cake into an enemies face.

C4 – Now throwable for a longer distance, and appears to have a fire-selector between single fire and exploding all at the same time – Source: E3 Gameplay
PLD – Portable SOFLAM – Source: E3 Gameplay
Motion Sensor – Seen to be the throwable Motion Sensor spheres, as screenshot shows T-UGS as the selection icon for the spheres- Source: E3 Gameplay