Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – Weekly Challenges Guide | Treasure & Collectible Locations

The new season brings an entirely new Battle Pass, full of unlockable cosmetics for you to earn. Here’s how to complete the treasure map and collectibles challenges for each and every week.

Tackle another series of challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale with our treasure and collectibles locations guide. No need to scrub through a long, useless guide — we’re giving you the information you need, upfront. The locations aren’t that hard to find — as long as you know which map square they’re sitting in. Every week, there are two new tricky challenges, and Season 5 continues the tradition.

You’ll get a new Treasure Map and Collectible Challenge every week, and they’re always the most annoying ones to complete to earn all that cool new cosmetic stuff. Below, we’ll keep a running list of all the collectibles and treasure locations — where to look on each specific tile. The collectibles in particular are pretty easy to spot from very far away. Just glide over to the coordinates listed below, and you’ll usually have no problem spotting them.

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Weekly Challenges Guide | Treasure & Collectible Locations

[Use this map to easily locate the map square coordinates described in the post below.]

If you purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass for Fortnite: Battle Royale, you’ll unlock weekly challenges you can complete to progress down the unlockables list — there are tons of new costumes, toys, and other cosmetics to unlock in Season 5, and if you want to get them all, you’re going to need to finish some of the weekly challenges.

The toughest weekly challenges involve two things — a treasure map, and collectible locations. Here, we’re going to cover where to find the collectibles and treasure for every week of Season 5. If you miss a week — don’t worry! As long as the season is still going, you can go back and replay challenges from previous weeks.

[NOTE: You don’t need to actually pick up the treasure map! You can just skip to the end goal and collect the Battle Star.]

Week 1 | Treasure & Collectibles Locations

  • Challenge: Risky Reels Treasure Map
    • Battle Star Location: South of Tomato Town. Land on the hill with the tunnel running through the center, then drop onto the landing above the northern tunnel entrance, facing Tomato Town. There’s a conspicuous patch of green grass here. Get close and the Battle Star will appear.
      • Map Coordinates: G4 [On the hill above the tunnel entrance.]

The lightning bolts float high above the sky. You’ll need to construct ramps and floor tiles to reach them. They can be seen from very far away — try dropping from the sky, and you should easily spot them above the map coordinates listed below.

  • Challenge: 7 Lightning Bolts
    • Bolt #1: H3 [High above the hill, west of Wailing Woods.]
    • Bolt #2: I3 [Above the trees, northeast of the Wailing Woods location.]
    • Bolt #3: H6 [Floating high above the center of Retail Row.]
    • Bolt #4: E4 [Above Loot Lake, easily visible from the pier.]
    • Bolt #5: B1 [Floats above the northwest corner of Junk Junction.]
    • Bolt #6: E7 [Southeast of Shifty Shafts, floating adjacent to the large bridge.]
    • Bolt #7: C7 [Right in the center of Greasy Grove.]

Week 2 | Treasure & Collectibles Locations

  • Challenge: Paradise Palms Treasure Map
    • Battle Star Location: To find the star, you need to look between an arch, a dinosaur, and an oasis. That means you need to head to the desert biome. Go down to the oasis in the southwest corner of the desert, and glide around the tall spires — look for an inverted stone rock on a high ledge. The battle star will appear near the weird rock.
      • Map Coordinates: H9 [On the tall spire, east of the unnamed oasis in the desert. Look for an inverted pyramid-shaped rock on a ledge.]

To score at seven different basketball hoop locations, you’ll need to equip the basketball throwing emote. When you arrive at the courts, throw a basketball and land in the hoop to earn your point. Here are all seven locations you need to find.

  • Challenge: 7 Basketball Hoops
    • Hoop #1: C7 [Northeast corner of Greasy Grove.]
    • Hoop #2: C5 [West of Tilted Towers, in the unnamed cluster of buildings.]
    • Hoop #3: A5 [Just above the ‘Snobby Shores’ title on the map, in a backyard.]
    • Hoop #4: B2 [Right in the “C” letter of ‘Junk Junction’ on the map. Inside the junkyard.]
    • Hoop #5: D5 [Northwest corner of Tilted Towers.]
    • Hoop #6: F8 [On the unnamed hill with buildings, southwest of Salty Springs.
    • Hoop #7: I8 [On the eastern side of Paradise Palms.]

[Work-in-Progress: Check back next week for new challenge locations!]