The Last of Us Cheats & Secrets

Here’s everything you need to play through The Last of Us in tip-top shape and get the most out of the game.

The LAst of Us

Naughty Dog created a veritably huge and beautiful world for the creepy crawly survive-a-thon The Last of Us. In this world, there are a ton of things to be found. Some of those things are quite intangible, like spoken words in a conversation.

Even though those lead to the slightly more tangible reward of a PSN trophy. Others are items you can use in the game to make the life of your sturdy protagonist and his protegee easier, by using them to craft some nifty items! 

But there are more and not quite as useful things to be found in the game, random junk that has been left behind by people, a guide to which you can find here.

And then there are those things that have nothing to do with playing the game at all. Given that the zombies in the game are the results of a glitch of nature that exists in real life, it is almost ironic that the game, even though it’s one of the most cleanly polished titles this year, is not without a good number of glitches itself.