Destiny 2: Warmind DLC – How To Get The Secret, Unique RWP Scout Rifle | Polaris Lance Exotic Guide

To eventually unlock the Polaris Lance Exotic, you’ll first need to acquire the Braytech RWP Mk. II legendary Scout Rifle. Here’s how to get it.

Bungie hasn’t been shy about showing off the Polaris Lance Exotic Scout Rifle in trailers for Destiny 2: Warmind — the problem is actually acquiring it. While nobody has been able to actually grab the Polaris Lance, there is something the community understands so far — that you’ll first need the unique Braytech RWP Mk. II. Like many other Exotics, the Polaris Lance starts life as a different weapon that can then be upgraded into an Exotic after completing the unique quest associated with that weapon.

Well, the actual quest for the Polaris Lance has totally stalled. For now, the next best thing is getting your grubby Guardian hands on the Braytech RWP Mk. II — it’s a totally unique legendary weapon, and it’s pretty cool in its own right. It’s the first step required to (eventually) unlock the Polaris Lance.

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How To Get The Secret, Unique RWP Scout Rifle | Polaris Lance Exotic Guide

The Polaris Lance is unlocked in the “Nascent Dawn” quest line — a special Exotic Quest that involves placing data into the servers located to the left of Ana Bray on Mars.

  • To get the pre-Polaris Lance, the Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle, you need to unlock the “Nascent Dawn” quest and reach Part 2 out of 5.

To get the “Nascent Dawn” quest, you will need to complete the “Data Transfer” quest that appears after completing the Warmind DLC campaign. Once you complete the quest, you’ll get the IKELOS Hand Cannon — return to Ana Bray and talk to her again to begin “Nascent Dawn“.

Nascent Dawn – Part 1/5

Check your pursuits in the Items menu and you’ll find “Nascent Dawn” — to complete the first step, you must complete three patrol missions, a Lost Sector, and finding a Sleeper Node. Sleeper Nodes are the black diamond chests scattered throughout every corner of the Mars map.

The first Sleeper Node is located in the center of the Alton Dynamo Approach canyon, next to the rock arch.

  • How To Unlock Future Sleeper Nodes: Complete tasks on Mars (Public Events, VIP kills, Escalation Protocol, Lost Sectors, etc) for a chance to get Resonance Stems. Combine four Resonance Stems into an Override Frequency Key — each Override Frequency Key you unlock will only open one particular Sleeper Node. Check the Override Frequency Key in the Items menu for a clue to the Sleeper Node’s location.

Go upload the data on the server and you’ll complete Part 1 of “Nascent Dawn” — after that, you’ll have to wait until the weekly reset. It appears every step of Nascent Dawn is connected to the Weekly Reset, so players have only managed to complete two steps — once we’re about five weeks in, the last step should be available.

Nascent Dawn – Part 2/5

Talk to Ana Bray¬†after the weekly reset to get the “Nascent Dawn” Part 2 item. Part 2 requires you to get 25 Valkyrie kills. The Valkyrie is the relic spear — you can spend Armory Keys to get them during Escalation Protocol, or get them for free during Warsat Down Public Events. Grab one and get 25 kills — it’s really simple.


After that, use the big sword in the lobby of Braytech (where Ana Bray is located) to trigger the next step. To do this step, you MUST COMPLETE ALL STANDARD ADVENTURES ON MARS. Why? Because you’ll need to unlock the Heroic Adventure.

The patrol marker for “Nascent Dawn” Part 2 will send you to complete the Heroic Adventure on Mars. Join a Fireteam (or go solo) and complete the heroic adventure.

For the last step, you’ll need to unlock the Sleeper Node in Ma’adim Subterrane — or the Glacial Drift Lost Sector. Go to the back of the area to find the Node, then upload the data into the server rack to the left of Ana Bray.

Talk to Ana Bray after inserting the data and she’ll finally give you the Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle.

Nascent Dawn – Part 3/5

Return to Ana Bray after waiting for another reset. For the first part of Step 3, you need to complete 10 Escalation Protocol levels. You can complete the first level 10 times and complete this objective.

The next step is still straightforward — finish three Vanguard Strikes. Heroic Strikes count toward this objective. After that, you’ll need to loot a Sleeper Node in the Olympus Descent area. Starting from the area where you spawn when you first start the Mars DLC mission, stick to the ledge and look down. There’s a tiny ledge with this hidden node.

For looting the node, you’ll get another memory file. Upload it into the server to the left of Ana Bray, and you’ll receive a Masterwork version of the Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle.

Getting closer to the Exotic! Just two more weeks now.

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