Top 10 Best Co-op Games for Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 has arguably revolutionized online gaming–at least on the console–through Xbox Live. Ever since then, almost every game on the platform has been blessed with both excellent single player and multiplayer modes. While it’s very easy to get up and go, no experience is more enriching than playing a game in co-op with a buddy or two. Here are the ten best co-op games for the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 has plenty to offer in the way of both single player and multiplayer games. With RPGs like “Tales of Vesperia” and shooters like the “Halo” and “Gears” series, theres little the system doesn’t offer. With that in mind, we take a look at what the console has to offer in terms of co-op and team-based games.  


#10 Worms 2: Armageddon

worms 2 armageddon

“Worms 2: Armageddon” is a faithful remake of the classic PC game. The premise is simple: you select a group of militarized worms to do war across a 2D stage with other groups of worms, who are under the control of other players, or if you prefer, the AI. Your worms are armed with a wide array of weapons, ranging from bazookas and grenades to the Holy Hand Grenade of Monty Python fame and exploding sheep. It’s like Gunbound, only a lot more polished.   


#9 Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 is the first game in the haunted sci-fi survival horror series to offer a cooperative campaign. Players will be able to venture into the depths of Tau Volantis alone as Isaac Clarke, or with a friend who takes on the role of his partner, John Carver, to take on the necromorphs together.

The game doesn't cut down on its scare factor just because there's two of you instead of one. You'll have someone to watch your back this time around, but you'll both have to conserve ammunition if you hope to survive the horrors ahead.

Dead Space 3 is a worthy sequel to the franchise, and future entries may yet feature co-op mode given how well done it is in its current iteration.


#8 Castle Crashers 

castle crashers

Castle Crashers is a modern take on the old beat-em-up genre. Instead of a couple of burly dudes named Billy and Jimmy, Castle Crashers features a set of four super deformed knights against an army of super deformed orcs, ogres and other bad guys. It’s designed to be played cooperatively in multiplayer, either with friends at the hotseat or over the internet. The graphics are cute, but not in a My Little Pony kind of way. Hell no. Castle Crashers is genuinely badass.  

#7 Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 is the final chapter in the Gears of War trilogy, but it isn't the end of the setting, which is set to be expanded in a prequel trilogy (much like Star Wars) that begins with Gears of War: Judgment. While the latter game is still a few months off, Gears of War 3 has been out for awhile, and represents one of the best cooperative experiences on the Xbox 360—the platform to which it's exclusive.

The game allows players to once again jump into the roles of Marcus Fenix and his brother-in-arms, Dominic, as they stand as the last line of defense against the evil dudes who call themselves the Locust, and the queen who leads them.


#6 Halo 4

Like all previous titles in the Halo series, Halo 4 offers a fully cooperative experience with vehicles designed for more than a single occupant, and maps and challenges that more or less require teamwork to overcome.

While the game's campaign is certainly playable alone, it's a lot more fun when you have a friend to watch your back.

In addition to the game's single player campaign, Halo 4 comes with a full fledged co-op mode called Spartan Ops. Spanning over 10 full-length episodes and 50 missions, up to four players can team up to defeat renegade Covenant forces and Prometheans alike.


#5 Ilomilo


To describe “Ilomilo” as Microsoft’s take on Sony’s LittleBigPlanet would be a disservice to the game. Developed by SouthEnd Interactive and published by Microsoft, “Ilomilo” is a cooperative puzzle game where the goal is to unite the game’s two characters, Ilo and Milo.  

As the two cute egg-like critters are on separate sides of the level, the player has to alternate control between the two characters to get them to solve puzzles that require the participation of both Ilo and Milo. The levels are made up of different cubes which Ilo and Milo will have to carry to form bridges or use for various effects.  

In co-op mode, which is limited to two persons, two players control each of the characters. In this multiplayer mode, players can provide direction to each other with the aid of a floating pointer.  

Spanning 49 levels, Ilomilo is a difficult game to pass up.  


#4 Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

lara croft and the guardian of light

“Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light” is a big departure from previous games featuring Lara Croft, which were third person shooters heavy with puzzle elements. “Guardian of Light” is played from an isometric viewpoint much like the “Diablo” series of games with an emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Players take on the roles of Lara and a Mayan tribesman named Totec who must venture into ancient Mayan ruins to defeat the evil spirit Xolotl and retrieve the Mirror of Smoke.  

Each playable character possesses unique skills and abilities that must be used in order to traverse the game’s various traps and obstacles.  

Although “Guardian of Light” can be played alone in single player (where Lara has all of Totec’s skills), it’s best experienced with a friend either online or locally.

#3 Borderlands 2

Gearbox placed all their love and care in the development of Borderlands 2, and it shows in every single aspect of the game. Its host of characters, guns, and locations are designed for cooperative gameplay.

Although players can go through the game alone, it's better to go with a friend (or three, as the game supports up to four players) as it cuts down on downtime quite a bit—players can heal each other in combat and raise downed allies. In addition, the game's quite a bit more challenging because the difficulty of the enemies scales up (or down) depending on how many players are in the game.

Beyond that, the game offers a "True Vault Hunter Mode" for advanced players to further level up their characters and earn even better weapons to use in battle, and there's nothing cooler than showing off your gear to the friends you play with.


#2 Left 4 Dead 2

left 4 dead 2

Though PC gamers would argue that it’s best played on its native platform due to the faster release of patches and free DLC content, Left 4 Dead 2 is nothing less than a blast to play on the Xbox 360. Playing the game with a mouse and keyboard might be fun for many, but playing it in front of a large TV with a home surround system offers a whole different experience that’s no less compelling.  

Teaming up with three other individuals (who may be controlled by somewhat lacklustre AI if a player isn’t around to fill the spot), the four main characters have only each other to trust as they go up against hordes of zombies in a bid to survive the apocalypse.  

It’s tactical teamwork and cooperative gameplay at its finest, especially on the game’s harder difficulty levels. 


#1 Resident Evil 5

resident evil 5

When I first experienced “Resident Evil 5”, all I took away from the game were its incredibly tedious boss fights, especially towards the end of the game. But having revisited the title, I’m of a mind to realize that “Resident Evil 5” offers some of the most frantic cooperative gameplay that video games have to offer. As players take on the roles of either Chris “Humongous Biceps” Redfield and Sheva Alomar, they must traverse through various African locations to put a stop to an outbreak of the Plagas virus and confront Albert Wesker who seems more like Neo from the Matrix in this installment of the RE series.  

While the game’s racialist depiction of Africa may seem offensive or even inexcusable to some, it would be even more inexcusable to dismiss the game just because of it. So put your politics aside and enjoy some twenty odd hours of zombie killing with this one.