GTA 5 Character Trailers: Hidden Details You Missed

Here’s what you missed with the three new GTA 5 trailers released today.

GTA Helicopter

In case you've been living under a rock for the past… well, two hours, then you should've seen the new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailers by now.

That's right—Rockstar Games has put out not one, or two, but three new trailers depicting each of the game's protagonists, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, as they go about their daily business of talking to psychiatrists, dealing with gangsters, pulling heists, and blowing things up.

If you've yet to see them, check them out here.

We'll be going over each of the trailers with a fine toothed comb and finding out what hidden secrets and missed details they may contain, as is tradition here at Gameranx.

The Music

The Grand Theft Auto games have a strong tradition of including great soundtracks, and fact that the latest game in the series should have equally good music is something we've come to expect ever since the game was first announced.

Rockstar Games clearly has well-refined taste in music and it comes as no surprise that each of the three new trailers comes packed with a soundtrack that helps us to immerse ourselves with the characters and their motivations.

Previous trailers featured Stevie Wonder and The Small Faces, but today's new trailers take things further by tailoring the music to each of their characters, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

Michael: Radio Gaga – Queen
Franklin: Hood Gone Love It – Jay Rock ft. Kendrick Lamar
Trevor: Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way – Waylon Jennings





FN Scar

Semi-auto handgun with slider

handgun slider

Shotgun with flashlight attachment

shotgun with flashlight attachment

Unique vehicles

Aside from cars and bikes, the trailer contained details of new vehicles and ones we've known about before. For instance, the prop plane is a two seater, so we can assume that players will be able to ride shotgun on one of those. Likewise, it looks like cars can boost with nitrous.

Monster Truck

monster truck



Prop Plane

prop plane

Nitrous on Car