Sea of Thieves: Check Out These Mysterious Uncharted Locations | Secrets Guide

Think you’ve seen everything in Sea of Thieves? Checkout these uncharted locations, and explore places that aren’t marked on any map.

While you’re busy looting islands, earning promotions, and raiding fellow pirates for loot, you can also explore the luxurious waters in Sea of Thieves. After a few hours of play, it might seem this beautiful sandbox doesn’t have anything left to show you — well, there are a few places that are worth checking out, even if they don’t necessarily give you anything special.

Uncharted locations are just that — places that don’t appear on any of the in-game maps you can purchase for completing quests or hunting those big red “X’s that mark the spot of buried treasure. These locations range from mysterious, to simple; sometimes you’ll find a lost camp, other times there’s a hidden ancient ruin under the waves that’s seemingly impossible for normal players to find.

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Uncharted Locations Guide

There are two types of uncharted locations; islands and shipwrecks. Shipwrecks spawn at random locations — look for seagulls to spot where they’re found underwater. Islands always appear in the same locations.

Check the following cells using the full map as a guide — these islands are unique, awesome spots you can share with your crew. They’re pretty secretive, so if you’re looking for cool hideouts, I’d recommend one of these uncharted islands.

  • L – 14 / 15: Two small uncharted islands with ancient civilization ruins hidden underwater, with many, many shipwrecks surrounding the tiny islands. The islands themselves feature a cave system the leads to (and from) the corral reef. On the surface, there’s a small busted tent.
    • There’s a strange sight deep in the trench. You can actually discover a strange, giant sea creature skeleton in the deep near these islands.
    • If you continue to explore, there’s a temple of unknown origin, with an altar. The altar features a triangular shape depression. Who knows, this might be designed for future content.
  • N – 10: Another shipwreck island. This is a classic crescent-shaped isle, with an overgrown shipwreck in the center. The island is filled with old, crumbling remnants from survivors. There are skeletons, tents, hammocks, and other junk strewn about.
    • Underwater, it’s possible to find a hidden cave network that leads to a candle-lit chamber. This secret room has barrels with resources you can loot.
  • S – 16: One of the coolest hidden locations. There is a tiny island that marks an underwater temple. The underwater tunnel beneath the corral reef leads into a temple with oxygen inside. The air pocket has breathable air, and a mysterious stone statue.
    • The same area is surrounded by shipwrecks, and another ancient temple with a triangular-shaped depression on the altar. There are no resources to loot on this island, normally.