Regarding Fallout 4: A Love Letter to Bethesda

Elizabeth DeLoria pens a love letter to Bethesda about her most wanted game, Fallout 4.

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Bethesda, baby, a word?

Don't get me wrong, this new The Evil Within business? Awesome, wonderful. It's fresh, looks good on you, I'm really excited for you! But I have to ask you one question.

Where the hell is Fallout 4?

I know you like to try new things and experiment, and that's great, it's part of why I love you like I do. Sure, you could stick to RPGs and open world ventures. You could of course stick to your one sole niche like so many other developers and publishers choose to, but you don't. You like trying on new things for size, like Dishonored. That was great and it really suited you.

So you know what? Okay, maybe I'm being a little bit hypocritical when I ask you why the hell you haven't announced the newest installment of one of my favorite franchises yet. The Evil Within looks exciting and given the way you guys found numerous ways to creep me out in Fallout 3, I totally trust that I'll sleep with the lights on for a while when this drops.

After Skyrim? Bethesda, honey, you can't show us the Creation Engine in all that glory and leave it at that. We know there is more coming and god knows it'll happen eventually, but can I wait? No. No, I need it when you can possibly craft it and ship it out to me, preferably in some kind of special collector's edition with heaps of cool things like art books and playing cards or something.

Fallout 3, Generation Kill, DeadEndThrills

It's been teased at so many times. We know you’ve been scoping out Boston as a setting for something, even though I maintain that a Fallout set outside the US would be an incredible venture. We know we can expect more from the voice of Three Dog. We know you plan to work on that IP again because you fought for it so hard in court.

Look, I'm not going to lie to you. We have a good relationship, you and I, and I feel that trust is a foundation in any good relationship. I was a disappointed when you announced The Evil Within and not Fallout 4. Even when you specifically said that it wasn't a teaser for Fallout 4, I held my breath and sat in my darkened corner in complete denial that it could possibly be anything but Fallout 4.

I argued it to death on Twitter. The record shot from the Vine video? Obviously a hark back to the LPs and music that created the famous atmospheres of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. The barbed wire? Well, clearly that was an indication that our protagonist would begin their journey as a prisoner, as it happened in Van Buren, the unreleased Fallout 3 that was later cancelled and replaced with Bethesda's take on the universe.

To my very core, though, I'm an incredible Fallout nerd. I know the canon of the Fallout universe like the back of my own hand to the point where I might know the events of Anchorage better than actual WWII history — which, in hindsight, is a little but sad on my part. So I'm not going to blame you for leading me on because realistically, you could have posted a Vine video of a pineapple and I still would have found a way to link it to Fallout 4.