Final Fantasy 15: How To Beat Every Boss | Main Boss Battles

Here’s how to beat every main boss in Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy 15 has finally released on the PC platform and that means there are plenty of gamers who are now enjoying the game for the first time. This being the latest installment to the main Final Fantasy series is developed to be not only entertaining for fans of the past installments but an easier video game title for newcomers to the franchise.

If you’re going through the game and need a little help with the boss battles then check out our guide down below. We offer a quick breakdown of all the necessary stats you’ll want to know on each boss, some helpful notes and the overall battle strategy to defeat the main enemy bosses you’ll meet along your journey.

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  • Located: Disc of Cauthess
  • Battle: The Trial of Titan Quest


  • Level: 25
  • HP: 213,000
  • Libra: Immune
  • Strength: 580
  • Vitality: 76
  • Parry: No
  • Spirit: 99

Note: Immune to Death, Alterna, Poison, and Stop.

Battle Strategy

The Titan boss is a slow-moving enemy but a powerful one so it’s best that you really make use of dodging and parrying his attacks. In fact, the first few moves will be based around dodging.

When the battle first starts, guard two attacks from Titan after which the game will prompt players to follow Gladiolus to leave the area. Don’t take it as you’re free to run away without caution as Titan will continue to try and land attacks during your escape.

Ultimately, the escape will fail causing players to face against Titan. The main goal at this point is to parry two attacks so that the game will showcase the weak points to use towards your advantage.

Your friends will jump in and help during the fight and after so long players will want to use the Armiger Chain.

During the battle, your party will make mention to use the Blizzara against the enemy but you’ll need to deal 10,500 damage before it can be used. After the Blizzara is cast, players will then deliver one final hit, ending the battle.


  • Located: Zegnautus Keep
  • Battle: Reunion and Recovery Quest


  • Level: 44
  • HP: 275,000
  • Libra: Immune
  • Strength: 8,000
  • Vitality: 148
  • Parry: No
  • Spirit: 125

Note: Immune to Death, Alterna, Poison, and Stop.

Battle Strategy

This battle can be tricky for Noct as there are not very many spots to warp. This means that during this battle, it’s best to use Ignis as a means to heal the party through Regroup.

That’s not to say that there are no warp points on the map. Players can find one to warp onto the second floor, however, Ravus has a stomp attack that can knock Noct down.

Overall, the battle should be aimed at making quick attacks while dodge rolling away from the enemy because Ravus can also deliver a combo attack of his own.

Make use of the warp strikes and attempt to get the extra blind spot damage. Keep up the process of Regrouping to heal the party while also quick attacks and you’ll eventually knock down Ravus, triggering a clip to play.


  • Located: Aranea Highwind
  • Battle: Imperial Infiltration Quest


  • Level: 26
  • HP: 46,500
  • Libra:45
  • Strength: 67
  • EXP: 1,903
  • Vitality: 56
  • Parry: No
  • Spirit: 109

Note: Immune to Death and Alterna while its weak against Poison and Stop.

Battle Strategy

Aranea is a fast-moving boss and she can dodge most melee attacks. Essentially, your focus is going to be on dodging and parrying attacks. However, there are a few extra notes to consider for this boss battle.

For starters, during the boss battle, Imperial troops will appear and it’s best that you take these guys out as soon as possible. From there, you’ll need to focus on dodging and parrying Aranea’s diving attacks.

When you successfully parry an attack, Aranea will become stunned, allowing the party to gang up on her. However, when Aranea is back to fighting, she may go midair and that will mark another crucial point to deliver a few hits.

Once Aranea is in midair, warp strike to her and deliver a few blows. Eventually, Aranea will decide the fight is not worth it and leaves.


  • Located: Insomnia
  • Battle: The Cure for Insomnia Quest


  • Level: 46
  • HP: 99,500
  • Libra: Immune
  • Strength: 8,000
  • Vitality: 255
  • EXP: 5,929
  • Parry: No
  • Spirit: 1,023

Note: Immune to Death, Alterna, Poison, and Stop.

Battle Strategy

Your fight with Ifrit is the battle we saw take place briefly in the prologue. For this battle, it’s wise to look into fire resistance gear along with bringing ice spells.

The battle will play out similarly to the scene that takes place in the prologue. However, after players hide behind a block from the fire attack, the battle will continue on.

Because Ifrit is relaxing on his throne, its best to start unleashing some combo attacks. Dodge the fire blasts and warp strike the boss. Deliver some combo hits but don’t linger as the boss can grab Noct and deliver some unwanted damage.

Note: It’s worth Regrouping after both Noct and his teammates attack in sets.

After you bring the HP down to 25% Noct will be able to summon Bahamut in which a cutscene will play.

When the cutscene ends, Noct and his friends will be battling Ifrit but now he’s engulfed in fire along with being mobile.

Note: At this point, there are more warp points available. Make use of these points throughout the battle.

Note: Ifrit will now use attacks that cannot be blocked.

It’s at this point where ice attacks will work best. The general consensus is to use ice spells to cause the boss to be vulnerable, similar to the boss battle Aranea.

Once you hit 10% HP, Noct can summon Shiva who will end the battle.


  • Located: Altissia
  • Battle: The Trial of Leviathan Quest


  • Level: 42
  • HP: 290,000
  • Libra: Immune
  • Strength: 3,070
  • Vitality: 127
  • EXP: 2,486
  • Parry: No
  • Spirit: 155

Note: Immune to Death, Alterna, Poison, and Stop.

Battle Strategy

The Leviathan battle progressively gets easier so the first part may be the more difficult one to go through. Players will need to warp through the different building pieces while warp striking the boss when possible.

Warp strike is the only attack you can use at the moment and after so long, you’ll hit a cutscene, initiating the second phase of the fight.

During the second phase, players will be able to use Armiger to drain down the bosses health and you’ll want to avoid the water attacks, but they are easy to dodge. When possible, dodge and parry the bosses attacks a parry attack is what will trigger the battle end.


  • Located: Insomnia
  • Battle: The Cure for Insomnia Quest


  • Level: 58
  • HP: 200,000
  • Libra: Immune
  • Strength: 4,760
  • Vitality: 255
  • EXP: 6,501
  • Parry: No
  • Spirit: 152

Note: Immune to Death, Alterna, Poison, and Stop.

Battle Strategy

The last boss in the main game has three stages to go through and since you are the only player in the battle against Ardyn, it’s best that you stock up on HP potions.

At the start of the battle, Ardyn will use a barrage of attacks, you’ll want to attack or warp strike him when he stops. However, keep an eye out for his ice attack which can be avoided by using the dodge roll.

When you’re unable to avoid the attacks, block them and parry until you lower his HP by about 10%. Once its lowered, players will soon be able to summon Leviathan who will take you to the next stage.

At this point, don’t get too excited as once players deplete Ardyn’s health, he will restore to full health. When you’re at this point in the game, players will use Armiger against the boss.

After you get the health down to 5%, the battle will move to the last stage that takes place outside of the Citadel. Keep up the strategy as before until you reach the quick time events. After successfully going through the quick time events, players will have defeated the final boss.

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