Pokemon X And Y: Things We Do NOT Want

There are a number of features we wouldn’t like to see make a return in the upcoming Pokemon X/Y.

pokemon x and y

There are many things we would like to see in Pokemon X/Y that Game Freak is certain to deliver, but there's also a number of things we wouldn't like to see make a return in the upcoming game, which is slated as an exclusive release on the Nintendo 3DS.

Based on feedback provided by fans of the series on Reddit's Pokemon forums and elsewhere, we've compiled a list of qualms and less-than-appreciated features that we think should go away, or at the very least revamped and remade so they don't completely suck and spoil the Pokemon experience.

– A boring roster of Pokemon on the antagonist's selection. In previous games, the antagonist's armies were primarily made up of Zubats, Golbats, and a slew of uninteresting Pokemon. Give the army some personality, instead.

– Pokestar Studios. The concept was good, but the execution was less than solid. The pre-canned storylines were entirely predictable when you were provided with a Pokemon to use. When you used your own Pokemon in the event, you could very easily one-hit knock-out your opponents.

– Musicals. This isn't Wicked. It would help if they were actually well done.

– HM taking up a move slot. Instead of having a HM take up a move slot, why not make it so that HM moves are unlocked by the player character throughout the course of the game instead?

– Deposit and withdraw options on the PC. They've always been around, but it's so much easier to just hit the "move" option. At the very least, put the "move" option at the top where it's easy to select. Streamline the interface, Game Freak!

– Absurdly difficult hoops and minigames to acquire certain Pokemon. We get it, they're hard to get—but there's no reason to hide them behind frustrating challenges.

– Journal recaps. They're good in theory, but they should be skippable or something you can disable in the options. You don't need a recap of what you did 20 minutes ago.

– The initial pattern of challenges. It needs to change. AT the moment, almost every Pokemon game begins where you deal with a single-evolution normal-typed mammal along with a double-evolution normal/flying bird, crossing a weak bug-filled forest and then a bat-filled cave. Some variance would be nice. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate mixed things up by throwing water-based combat into the mix at the start instead of following the typical formula, so why doesn't Pokemon?

– C Gear. It's useless without friends! "Get more friends" you say? Haha.

– The catching game in Poketransfer.

– Uneven experience distribution. It makes it difficult to level up weaker Pokemon who can't deal enough damage in combat. Bring back equal experience!