Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Information Blowout

Everything we know about Assassin’s Creed 4, including details about the cities, settings, naval battles, and combat.

Assassin's Creed 4

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is still many months from release, but Ubisoft has been extremely forthcoming about their plans with the game.

In AC4, players take on the role of Edward Kenway, a descendent of Connor Kenway's who just so happens to be a pirate who lives his life on the high seas, looting and plundering and living as pirates do.

Speaking to Examiner's Steven Ruygrok, the game's director Ashraf Ismail said that Edward will be a "really unique" character with a strong personality to set him apart from the rest of the series' protagonists.

"He is charismatic and brash but also selfish and immature. In a way we wanted to show a character who is a teenager in terms of maturity and who eventually becomes a man. As the game progresses Edward needs to figure out his role in life and what taking responsibility means.

"In terms of personality and motivations we did not reference other 'AC' heroes. Honestly one of our biggest references was Bodhi from 'Point Break,'" Ismail said.

point break bodhiIf you've never seen the movie, Bodhi is the character played by the late Patrick Swayze. Bodhi is the leader of a gang of surfers who dress up as ex-US Presidents who go on a string of bank robberies.

As for why Ubisoft chose the Caribbean setting for AC4, Ismail responded that the brand new setting allowed for them to offer a "unique and fresh" world to the game. He further revealed that AC4 would offer three major cities, each with its own unique flavor—Havana, Kingston, and Nassau.

Havana is European in its flavor and offers tight streets, providing Edward with opportunities to do a lot of roof-running. Kingston, meanwhile, is said to merge "urban and nature" with trees intermingling with the buildings and the streets. Players can free-run from buildings to tall trees. Finally, Nassau—the pirate haven—is designed to be as chaotic as possible. The streets are both wide and narrow, disorganized and organic, built upon slopes with a wide variety in building heights.

"How they all link together with the 50 plus locations was a major challenge because we wanted the seamlessness to be there. It is very important for us that people feel this world is credible and something they want to explore.