FIFA 14: A General Consensus of What The Fans Want

Here are some of the new features and changes we want to see in FIFA 14’s gameplay, ultimate team and career mode.

fifa 14

The FIFA series of games has, thus far, been the most popular sports simulation in existence. Each yearly iteration of the game brings with it a host of new features to improve upon previous editions, with better graphics, gameplay mechanics, and updated player rosters.

Details about FIFA 14 remain scarce, as EA Games has yet to make an official announcement about the game. To that end, we've decided to compile what we—and fans of the game on various forums—want from the upcoming football game which is surely set to reinvigorate the series once more.

  • Shots that come off the goal keeper to one of your players should go straight into the net instead of ballooning over the crossbar for no reason.
  • Referees need to keep better distance from the ball so they don't interfere so much with the game.
  • Discourage pace abusing and spamming lobbed through balls by enabling better player switching and improving defending.
  • More detailed crowds, manager and subs.
  • Ridiculous blocks by defenders when the player is about to receive a ball from another player should be called as a foul.
  • Make the AI smarter: Tweak the momentum or scripting feature which involves the AI to cheat to make things interesting. The opposing team no matter what the skill level starts playing incredibly better and your team loses the ball too easily or makes stupid mistakes after a random number of wins in career mode or ranked online play.
  • Add Gary Neville as a commentator/pundit and show him analyzing your defending or attacking after big games, although the latter does seem to be very wishful thinking.
  • More lower leagues & conferences from other countries.
  • Managing sponsorship deals for stadium rights, kits and others things.
  • More dramatic celebrations after winning the trophy.
  • Get the CL rights back from PES.
  • Making a small club into a world beating phenomenon should be more rewarding and in-depth by giving a lot more control over the finances and board.
Ultimate Team
  • Improved Search Parameters – So it's easier to find players by name.
  • Players should gain chemistry on their own after playing a few games with each other and based on performances.
  • More control over player positions in Ultimate Team.
  • Create your own kit.
  • In-depth stat tracking system for each player showing passing percentage, tackles per game, assists and maps for movement etc.
  • No more scripting/momentum in UT either.
  • A better interface for UT.
Unlock Bonus Classic Teams

Play as one of the legendary club teams from one of their best years of the past. A classic unlockable 99 United team or a late 80s Liverpool team and so on would be a cool addition.