Dark Souls 2: Everything That’s New & Changed

Here’s everything Dark Souls 2 has to offer as improvements to the original game.

dark souls 2

Dark Souls 2 is one of the most highly anticipated role-playing games on the calendar. It shouldn't come as a surprise given the popularity of Dark Souls and Demon's Souls. Slated for release on current-generation consoles, the game is set to offer a much larger world for players to explore.

In anticipation of its release, fans of Dark Souls have begun to compile every piece and tidbit of information about Dark Souls 2 that has been revealed through existing previews of the game, as well as screenshots and gameplay videos.


The most obvious improvement in Dark Souls 2 is the AI (artificial intelligence) of the monsters you encounter throughout the game. Instead of simply charging at you or running back and forth as you snipe them from a distance, enemy pathfinding has been attuned so players won't be able to trick monsters into running off cliffs or stand around like sitting ducks.

Certain monsters will have the capability to regenerate their health.

Due to the addition of the torch, monsters will have to rely upon more than just the darkness to ambush players. Skeletons will have a chance to rise up from a pile of bones, for example.


Combat will be getting an overhaul, with the addition of many new moves, including context-sensitive ones. In the 15-minute demo, the player can be seen deflecting thrown axes. It's unknown whether this could also happen with arrows and other thrown items. It may be possible to reclaim thrown items.

Like regular single-handed or two-handed weapons, dual-weapon combat will be getting improvements, especially in regards to movement and attacks.

Players will be able to run and shoot their ranged weapons in Dark Souls 2. You won't have to remain stationary to fire your weapons.

Likewise, your rolls will be affected by the weapons you have equipped. Big, bulky weapons will slow your rolls.

dark souls 2


To make the game slightly more accessible for newcomers, there will be healing items that allow players to regenerate their health. These healing items do not replace estus flasks, which will see a return.

You will be able to heal while on the move, so you won't have to stop for a break.

There are now torches, which act as light sources for the character by illuminating the area around you. No longer will you have to crawl around in the dark.

The game will see the addition of single-use keymouth stones which can be used in various parts of the game. They can serve to make the game easier by lighting up dark areas.

User Interface

The game's user interface is context sensitive. It will shrink unnecessary indicators such as your health bar when you aren't in battle so you can enjoy the view.

There is more information on the spells you have available to cast in combat. In addition to the level info of your spell, the UI will have a counter which also tells you how many times you can cast the spell you have equipped so spellcasting doesn't devolve into guesswork.

There is now a durability indicator to provide you with information on the health of your equipment.

Finally, the fast-equip interface has been overhauled so you'll be able to swap weapons more easily.

dark souls 2

Environment and Deaths

There will be many new ways for players to die. It's one of the biggest aspects of the game that's being added onto by the game's developers, who recognize that death is a major part of Dark Souls. Players will have the opportunity (or misfortune) to be killed by boars whose charge can potentially launch players off a mountain or into a pit.

Characters will also be properly animated this time around instead of turning into lifeless ragdolls upon dying or falling. Likewise, characters will have more environmental cues, such as losing their footing on uneven ground and staggering.