PS4 vs Nvidia Face Tech Demo Graphics Comparison: The Face Off [GIFs]

Nvidia and Quantic Dream square away in their face tech demos.

David Cage claimed that emotion is derived not just from storytelling or from words, but from facial expressions and the projection of physical emotion. Cage may be right to the extent that visuals are often necessary for the conveyance of emotional expressions which you can empathize with.

To that end, David Cage and his team at Quantic Dream prepared a demonstration of an old man whose face, he claimed—more or less—conveyed what a thousand words could not. Whether he's right on that point or not, the fact remains that the face he depicted is impressive in its ability to depict a realistic human being through polygons and animation.

Graphics hardware developer Nvidia may not necessarily share Cage's philosophy on human emotions, but they're certainly keen on depicting realistic human beings through their technology, which has allowed developers of all stripes to bring their characters to life and populate their games with some of the most memorable, and realistic looking humans to date. To that end, Nvidia—like David Cage and Quantic Dream—prepared a demonstration of a human face, depicting a man whose face exhibits a wide range of emotions.

In these GIFs, we compare their efforts.

ps4 face tech vs nvidia face