God of War: Ascension Puzzle Solving Guide

Solve all the hardest puzzles in GOW: Ascension from trials of archimedes to eyes of the apollo.

god of war ascension puzzles

Like all the previous games in the God of War series, the latest title—Ascension—is filled with puzzles that'll have you tugging at your hair, assuming you're the sort of person who's prone to pulling their hair out at frustration.

To save your scalp, we've found the following videos to help you in solving the puzzles God of War: Ascension intends to stump you with so you won't have to wrack your brains and get back to the more fun parts of the game—the killing.

The following guides contain solutions to help you solve the Eyes of Apollo puzzle, the Cistern puzzle, the Rolling Crusher puzzle, the Gear puzzle in Delos Landing, the Tower of Kirra puzzle, and most frustratingly, the Trial of Archimedes—the game's most difficult puzzle. Can you believe that there isn't even a save spot? Well, not to worry. Just check these out and you won't have to do any of those puzzles more than once.

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