Best Survival Games For PC: You’ll Be Eating Your Boots

If you’re looking for a survival experience in games on the PC, this list will have everything you want to test your mettle.

Best Survival Games

best survival games

February 2016 Update: We’ve added three more games to this list. 

Surviving in games is usually pretty easy. Death isn’t a big deal, continuing on your path just a reload away. In recent years however, a new – or some would say old – philosophy has taken hold in a growing number of games. Survival is no longer guaranteed in those titles, it is a thing the player has to actually work for. Death in these games has consequences that can’t be rectified with a simple quickload. Players have to pay much closer attention to the game, have to put a lot of effort into their characters well being, and are not pampered in any way. As such, these survival games are a lot harder, and usually less accessible and less appealing to a broad audience, however they have a steadily growing number of avid fans.

This trend harkens back to the old days of gaming, when games were not aimed at the broadest possible audience, when real men were still real men, hairy chests and all. It is in and on itself a part of the trend towards harder games in general that for example spawned titles like Super Meat Boy. To the days of Rogue, a game that birthed the roguelike genre. It harkens back to a harsher age. A darker age. Here are its champions.

Note: Keep in mind that this list pertains only to survival games—ones in which you have to struggle to find resources and survive for as long as you can, as it were. This is in contrast to survival horror games, which consist mainly of running away from a deadly opponent that no amount of bravery or skill can hope to overcome.

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#13 Subnautica

Subnautica invites players to dive deep beneath the ocean’s surface on an alien planet. It’s an underwater world filled with peril and wonder, providing players with endless opportunities to discover beautiful new environments and forms of life. Players can craft equipment, pilot futuristic submarines, terraform the terrain, and explore–all the while trying to survive.