Tomb Raider Glitches: Infinite Chickens, Flying, Skating & More

Lara Croft has a problem with bugs and it’s not just the mosquitos.

tomb raider

Tomb Raider is Lara Croft's latest foray into the wilderness, and it's her most dangerous one yet. Being a reboot of the entire franchise, Lara is stripped of her skills and experience completely green and doesn't know what she's up against.

Part of the challenges that lie in wait for her, beyond the bad guys and the wild animals, are a host of glitches that have marred the game's release. There's little doubt that Square Enix will do much to patch these glitches out, but until then, Lara's going to have to deal with them. We've showcased in this gallery of videos a series of glitches and bugs and all manner of oddities that Lara may encounter throughout her adventure.

Most of these bugs are readily apparent on the PC, though players on the console may no doubt experience them all the same. None of these bugs, thankfully, cause the game to crash, but they exist to serve as minor detractions from the overall experience.