Top 10 PS Vita Games of 2013

Here’s a selection of the best games on the PS Vita.

PS Vita Games of 2013

PS Vita

In writing this list, one thing was clear: the PS Vita isn’t exactly thriving when it comes to unique games. Out of the ten games below, only four (five if you count Phantasy Star Online 2) are exclusive to the handheld; with the others being ports or part of Sony’s “cross-buy” initiative.

Nevertheless, these are games that you should keep an eye out if you own a PS Vita. While the games are confirmed to be coming out within the year, there is a possibility of them being delayed or cancelled. 

If the list seems slim, don’t forget that there’s a high chance that Sony will show off new PS Vita software at its Destination PlayStation event or at E3. However, we thought it would be best to just list the games we’re sure will be coming for the PS Vita.

So which games do you need to keep an eye out? Read on and find out.