Crysis 3 Cheats

Crysis 3 cheats will help you unlock every achievement/trophy, weapons, secrets and help you with difficult missions.

crysis 3

Cheats? In Crysis 3? Nah, not those kinds of cheats. The days of IDDQD and IDKFA are long gone, but cheat sheets—you know, Sparknotes and Cliff's Notes—remain, and they'll help you get through the game without too much difficulty, or at least allow you to familiarize yourself not only with the game's wide variety of armaments but also the enemies you'll be using them upon—and how!

In the following article, you'll find links to the many cheat sheets, guides, and little tidbits of information about Crysis 3 to help you ease your way into the game as best you can by teaching you the ways of the warrior. Why spend all that time figuring out what each of the guns does when you can simply read the articles beyond to find out that Typhoon deals out a major amount of damage to particularly unarmored enemies? You'll find information like that, and more, in the pages beyond. Read on!

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