Grand Theft Auto 5 Fan Art Illustrations: Wacky and Awesome

Behold what the fans of GTA 5 have come up for the game.

The long-running series of action games by Rockstar has earned a myriad of fans since its inception over a decade ago by delivering solid gameplay in each of its progressively better incarnations. From the original game with a top-down view to its latest and greatest living, and breathing world, Grand Theft Auto has captured the minds of gamers the world over.

It's no surprise then that Grand Theft Auto has served to inspire artists to create countless works of art celebrating the GTA universe and the colorful characters it populates.

The latest game, Grand Theft Auto V, has yet to be released, but it's already inspired fans to create illustrations based on what they know of the game, pulling every last bit of detail from available information, screenshots, and character profiles.

To that end, we've decided to showcase ten works of GTA V fan art that we found inspiring. Check them out.

gta legends by patrick brown

By Patrick Brown.

gta 5 south park fan ar

By 2Tailz9krlozgarciia.

gta 5 air battle fan art

By Deniszizen.

gta 5 fan art patrick browngta 5 fan art patrick brown

By Patrick Brown.

gta 5 meet michael fan art

By Lulzallday.

gta 5 michael fan artgta 5 character fan art

By Weskerfan1236 & DNMNY.

gta 5 fanmade boxart

Image Source.

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 gta 5 bonus photoshop edit