Top Upcoming Video Games For Nintendo Switch in 2018

The best upcoming Nintendo Switch games launching in 2018.

Note: This article was updated in April of 2018 to include new titles.

2018 is quickly approaching and with it will come a slew of new video game titles to look forward to playing. With that said, now’s a good time to start marking down what video games to keep an eye on when they officially launch next year. Let us lend a hand, in this list, in particular, we’re going over the top Nintendo Switch video games launching in 2018.

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Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates
  • Developer: Omega Force
  • Publisher: Koei Techmo
  • Platforms: PC, NS, PS4, XBO
  • Release: 2018

The sequel to Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates will be hitting the markets at some point next year. The video game will be based off the second season of the hit anime show, Attack on Titan, where players can expect to hack-and-slash away on a variety of titans.

Unfortunately, there’s not too many other details unveiled at this time when to the sequel. However, we do know that the game will launch on the PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch platforms.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
  • Developer: Arc System Works
  • Publisher: Arc System Works
  • Platforms: Switch, PS4, PC
  • Release: 2018

The BlazBlue franchise has been a strong fighting series over the years with the latest upcoming release being BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle by development studio, Arc System Works. This time around the video game will feature 2v2 battles with a tag-in system.

There are several fighting video game titles that feature a tag-team system where players are able to go into a fight with multiple characters. During the match players will be able to switch between characters on-the-go or automatically switch to their secondary character once their starter is knocked out.

You can expect a series of characters to return from BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, along with RWBY. Unfortunately, there’s no specific release date attached to the video game quite yet other than developers stating the game will launch at some point in 2018.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  • Developer: ArtPlay, DICO
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, PSV, Switch, XBO
  • Release: 2018

Led by former Castlevania series producer, Koji Igarashi, comes the upcoming action-adventure game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The video game is in the style of Metroidvania as you explore, craft new weapons, and of course, find new armor.

The video game will follow an orphan named Miriam who has been cursed by an alchemist which is slowly turning her skin into crystal. In order to stop the curse, she must explore a castle to find the summoner of this curse, Gebel, who as it turns out had suffered the same condition.

Luckily, the video game is coming out for a number of different platforms so you should have no trouble getting the chance to enjoy the video game once it launches.

Kirby Star Allies
  • Developers: HAL Laboratory
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: NS
  • Release: 2018

Much like our Yoshi pick in this list, Kirby is another fan-beloved character from Nintendo who has starred in his own video game titles for a number of years now. The Nintendo Switch will soon have its own Kirby video game title in 2018 as well with Kirby Star Allies.

Also much like the Yoshi title, not too many details have been released for Kirby Star Allies quite yet. We know that the video game will have players taking the role of Kirby with the ability to throw stars at enemies to essentially turn them into Kirby’s allies. Outside of that, you can still expect the same traditional move set from past Kirby titles such as inhale, star spit, slide attack, air-gun, among others.

Project Octopath Traveler
  • Developer: Square Enix, Acquire
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: NS
  • Release: 2018

Project Octopath Traveler, which is currently still a working title, is an upcoming RPG title by developers Square Enix and Acquire. The video game will be a 2D 16-bit style RPG where players will control a part of eight different characters, all of which will have a role to play and reason for their journey.

This upcoming title will retain the classic turn-based battle system with an added ability of a Boost system. The boost system will allow players to attack an enemy multiple times during a turn if enough Boost Points are acquired.

Set to be an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch, there is already an available demo to try the title out on the Nintendo eShop while you wait for its full release at some point next year, 2018.

  • Developer: Choice Provisions
  • Publisher: Choice Provisions
  • Platforms: NS
  • Release: 2018

Runner3 is an upcoming rhythm platform video game which is also attached to the Bit.Trip series. Within the game, players will take the role of Commander Video as gamers fly through pathways, jumping, sliding or kicking obstacles that will come their way. If you enjoyed the previous Runner titles within the series then you can expect the same overall gameplay mechanics and style with the added benefit of multiple pathways to reach the level end.

As of right now, Runner3 does not have a specific release date other than a launch sometime this year.

Super Meat Boy Forever
  • Developer: Team Meat
  • Publisher: Team Meat
  • Platforms: NS, PS4, XBO, PC, Mobo
  • Release: 2018

It would be hard to imagine running into a gamer who hasn’t played or at the very least, heard of Super Meat Boy. The video game was a massive success and a highly addicting and challenging platform title by indie developers Team Meat.

What was originally meant to be a mobile-only version of Super Meat Boy has gradually turned into a full-fledged sequel. Super Meat Boy Forever will once again have players going through dangerous obstacles, but this time, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl must work together.

In the narrative, Super Meat Boy Forever tells the story of Dr. Fetus who has managed to kidnap Meat Boy and Bandage Girl’s child, Nugget. While the platforming mechanics are present, there are some slight gameplay overhauls made for the upcoming sequel as well. We’re hoping new information along with a specific release date is announced soon, but we’ll of course keep you updated on the latest.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes
  • Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
  • Publisher: Marvelous
  • Platforms: Switch
  • Release: 2018

Taking part of the No More Heroes franchise, Grasshopper Manufacture is releasing Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes exclusively on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018. With that said, you can expect an over-the-top hack-and-slash experience.

Players will find that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will take place seven years after the events of No More Heroes 2 where Badman seeks to take down Travis for murdering his daughter, Bad Girl. During the scuffle, the duo finds themselves trapped in a canceled video game console crated by Dr. Juvenile called the Death Drive MK-II.

Stuck in the console, players will have to race through six different video games on the console collecting a Death Ball in order to grant a wish.

Yoshi (Untitled Game)
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: NS
  • Release: 2018

There’s not much we can say at this point when it comes to the untitled Yoshi game. The series is well beloved by gamers of old and new with the character featured in a number of his own video games throughout the years.

So far, all we know is that Yoshi will be back into action in a new platforming title exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Visually, the video game looks to take some cues from the Paper Mario franchise but instead is focused on more construction-grade paper. For now, we’ll simply have to wait and see just what Nintendo has in-store.

Okami HD
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Platforms: PS2, Wii, PS3, PC, PS4, XBO, NS
  • Release: 2018 (NS)

The paintbrush focused puzzle title Okami is slated to launch later this summer for the Nintendo Switch. The video game follows Japanese folklore in which a white wolf and swordsman fought off an eight-headed demon. Now years later, the eight-headed demon, Orochi is freed once again cursing the lands.

Okami released back in 2006 for the PlayStation 2 and as expected this upcoming release for the Nintendo Switch will see a facelift. Players will be able to use the touchscreen in order to control the paintbrush more directly though its worth mentioning that the Joy-Con controllers will be available if players wish to go through the game with the console docked.

Unfortunately, outside of a summer release, we don’t have a specific release date attached to the project yet.

Mario Tennis Aces
  • Developer: Camelot Software Planning
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: NS
  • Release: June 22, 2018

The Mario franchise has been known to include a number of sports titles over the years and it seems that we’ll be getting another one for the Nintendo Switch on June 22, 2018. Mario Tennis Aces is an upcoming sports game that follows the Mario Tennis series. Players will be taking control of various characters from the Mario franchise as they battle it out through tennis matches.

We know that there will be over fifteen characters available to play as in Mario Tennis Aces such as Mario, Donkey Kong, and Chain Chomp. Likewise, the game will feature multiplayer both online and locally.

Gameplay will be lighthearted and with a more arcade emphasis as players will be able to use a variety of shots and blocks to win a match. An interesting little side note when it comes to Mario Tennis Aces is that gamers will receive a story mode full of missions and boss battles.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Developer: Vicarious Visions
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Platforms: PS4, PC, NS, XBO
  • Release: July 10, 2018 (PC, NS, XBO), June 30, 2017 (PS4)

While already released for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch is just one of the platforms slated to receive Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy on July 10, 2018. The video game is a remastered collection of the first three titles of the Crash Bandicoot series.

Players will receive a remaster of Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot: Warped. This will be a port of the PlayStation 4 release which had received positive reviews from both critics and fans alike.

Likewise, this will be a great opportunity for newcomers to enjoy a classic series but with current generation graphics. If you have yet to check it out, here’s our Before You Buy coverage of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

Little Nightmares
  • Developer: Tarsier Studios
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, NS
  • Release: May 18, 2018

During Nintendo’s March 2018 Nintendo Direct videos, it was unveiled that Little Nightmares would find its way on to the Nintendo Switch. Originally the game launched on current generation platforms last year, 2017.

Little Nightmares follows a little girl name Six who must solve a number of puzzles and stealthily maneuver around levels from hungry large humans who wish to devour her. The game is often described as creepy, but since its release, Little Nightmares has received positive reviews from both fans and critics alike.

This upcoming release on the Nintendo Switch will include all the previously released DLC along with an in-game costume if players use the Pac-Man amiibo.

Hyrule Warriors
  • Developer: Omega Force, Team Ninja
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: Wii U, 3DS, NS
  • Release: May 18, 2018 (NS)

A Nintendo Direct during March of 2018 revealed that Hyrule Warriors will be launching on May 18, 2018 for the Nintendo Switch. This is an older video game title that launched on the Nintendo Switch predecessor, the Nintendo Wii U along with the Nintendo 3DS.

Overall, this is a hack-and-slash video game that is similar to the Dynasty Warriors series. However, the game is features The Legend of Zelda characters as they fight off waves of enemies.

It’s worth noting that the upcoming Hyrule Warriors release will be the Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. This edition of the game will feature all past DLC that was released for the video game previously when it launched on the Nintendo Wii U.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole
  • Developer: Ubisoft San Francisco
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, NS
  • Release: April 24, 2018 (NS)

The latest South Park video game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch this April 24, 2018. This is an RPG video game played in a 2.5D third-person perspective and follows the events that occurred in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Within the game, players take on the role of the New Kid during a massive war of rival superhero factions being played by the other kinds in the neighborhood. Even though the game has already released on other platforms, there’s still upcoming DLC set to launch for the title.

As a result, Ubisoft will offer gamers the chance to purchase the previously released DLC along with the upcoming expansion known as “Bring the Crunch” launching later this year.

Bayonetta 3
  • Developer: Platinum Games
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: NS
  • Release: TBA

Bayonetta is an iconic action series where the third installment of Platinum Games is set to follow the events of Bayonetta 2. While we can still expect to follow our favorite Witch as she battles angels and demons, we’re unsure of just where the narrative will take players.

Regardless, while we only have the teaser trailer, we’re holding out hope that more information will be unveiled for the game along with a release date set before the year ends.

  • Developer: Chucklefish
  • Publisher: Chucklefish
  • Platforms: PC, NS, PS4, XBO
  • Release: 2018

If you are looking for a turn-based strategy game to enjoy this year then you’ll want to keep tabs on Wargroove. This is an upcoming turn-based strategy title by developers Chucklefish, the developers behind Starbound and publishers of Stardew Valley.

Stated to be an easy game for beginners to pick up and enjoy, Wargroove offers a deep campaign that features over ten commanders from four factions, each of which will have their own campaign, motivations, and personalities.

Outside of the singleplayer narrative campaign, Wargroove is said to include online multiplayer which will feature PvP and cooperative gameplay. Currently, the game is still slated to launch sometime early this year, so keep an eye out for its official launch date to be revealed soon.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
  • Developer: Nintendo EAD Tokyo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: Wii U, NS, 3DS
  • Release: July 13, 2018 (NS, 3DS)

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was an action puzzle video game that was developed for the Nintendo Wii U and released into the market back in 2014. The game will have players controlling toad as he maneuvers around levels collecting gems and stars while avoiding hostile enemies and solving puzzles.

This upcoming release for both the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch will see new levels based off Super Mario Odyssey and it seems that the Nintendo Switch version will see a two-player game mode.

Currently, both platforms are set to receive the game on July 13, 2018.

Valkyria Chronicles 4
  • Developer: Sega
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Platforms: PS4, NS, XBO
  • Release: 2018

The next installment of Valkyria Chronicles is set to release this year. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is an upcoming tactical RPG that continues to follow the same style of strategy gameplay that the previous installments are known for.

Overall, players will have to maneuver their characters around a battlefield while taking out the hostile forces. Within the narrative, players will find that Valkyria Chronicles 4 will take place during the events of the first title, Valkyria Chronicles.

This time, however, players will be maneuvering a new cast of characters set within the continent of Europa. As part of the last chance effort to end the war and capture the imperial capital, commander Claude Wallace along with his squad are set into a battle that will put them against imperial soldiers along with the Valkyria.

So far there is no specific release date attached quite yet when it comes to Valkyria Chronicles 4 other than the market within Japan.

Mega Man 11
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Platforms: PC, NS, PS4, XBO
  • Release: 2018

We’re still looking at scarce information when it comes to Mega Man 11, but it looks like the long-beloved Mega Man franchise will receive a new main installment late 2018. There is certainly a strong following with the franchise and we know that this eleventh installment will feature 3D characters and environments and not a 2.5D video game.

From the announcement trailer, it looks like the same game mechanics are gameplay are present that the series is known for. However, for now, we’ll have to wait and see just what the narrative will hold when it comes to the game. Likewise, with the title already claiming to not release until late 2018, this very well could be a game that will be delayed until next year, 2019.

Regardless, we’re keeping close tabs with Mega Man 11 and will continue to update you on the progress of the video game.

Super Smash Bros
  • Developer: Bandai Namco Games
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: NS
  • Release: 2018

One of the biggest announcements to have come from Nintendo’s March 2018 Direct was official word of Super Smash Bros. 2018 will see the delivery of a Super Smash Bros. video game title on the Nintendo Switch, but we’re still left wondering what new locations or characters will be coming to the installment.

All we have right now is a small teaser showing an Inkling girl from Splatoon 2 looking at the Super Smash Bros. logo, along with some silhouettes of a few key characters. Likewise, we don’t have an official release date attached to the game quite yet, but we’ll continue to update you with the latest.

Dark Souls: Remastered
  • Developer: FromSoftware
  • Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
  • Platforms: PS4, XBO, PC
  • Release: 2018

Dark Souls released all the way back in 2011 so it’s been available to play for quite some time now. However, if you were uninterested in going back to this highly beloved action RPG simply due to the visual standpoint then you’ll be delighted to know the game will be receiving a remastered edition.

There’s not very much to say about this upcoming title if you’ve already enjoyed it on last generation consoles. This remastered edition will retain the same gameplay mechanics but there will be a facelift to help give the game a nice touch up for modern day consoles. Likewise, the game will receive improved framerate, resolution and the Artorias of the Abyss DLC.

Dragon: Marked For Death
  • Developer: Inti Creates Co., LTD
  • Publisher: Inti Creates Co.,  LTD.
  • Platforms: NS
  • Release: 2018

Dragon: Marked for Death is a video game that has been suffering from development hell. Initially announced in 2011 as a Nintendo 3DS title, the game has been pushed back with few details. Now the release appears to be on the Nintendo Switch platform.

We know that this is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG with up to four-player co-op in which players will be using mystical dragons to their advantage when facing massive boss enemies.

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